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[review] HiShop Welcoming Pack & Touch In Sol Lip Stain #1 Real Red

"HiShop has Genuine Products for Genuine People. "

Do you know about the HiShop Ambassador ?

As the HiShop Ambassador, they will be sending out cosmetic stuff or skin care product to their ambassador be reviewed monthly, and its my honor to be part of such beautiful campaign, Yippie !

In the April HiShop Beauty Ambassador Welcoming Pack, Okay I know April is so past tense and now its already 2nd week of May but bare bear with me k, cause I have been busy with my proposal defense lately. So sorry for the late update !

In the April HiShop Beauty Ambassador Welcoming Pack, I received a total of 4 items.

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Nature & Co Vital Purity Lifting Mask RM 88.90 (140 ml)
The Nature & Co Vital Purity Lifting Mask claims to have the ability to tighten pores, smoothen skin texture, and this cool-feeling mask smoothens out sagging skin too. With the natural clay ingredients banish dullness to produce soft, smooth skin with no artificial coloring. It has the organic plant extract like lavender, chamomile essence for moisturizing.

I shall try it soon since I have never try this brand before. :)

Nature & Co Pure White Lotion Light and Pure White Milky Lotion Light RM 58.90 each (130 ml)
As I read from the website on the description of this two products, its basically has the same function which is for whitening, leaving skin moist, creamy and exceedingly soft to the touch. It has the Vitamin C derivative that claim to suppresses melanin generation and wards off spots and freckles. For the texture wise, I think one is lighter and the other is thicker texture which will not drip easily.

And the
Touch In Sol I'll Get You Lip Stain #1 Real Red RM 45.90
Keep your lips glossy and moisturized with this Touch In Sol I'll get you Lip Stain. Formulated from natural ingredients, this 2 in 1 lip stain & lip balm adheres to lip color and does not fade easily. Touch In Sol has a huge variety of Make-Up products that are suitable for all. Be your own Professional Make Up Artist with Touch In Sol's cosmetics that are engineered by beauty experts.
Its my favourite product of all and the one that I will be reviewing in detail today. :)

After trying Maybelline Porcelain Red Lipstick (read here), I am definitely in love with Real Red lip color. The Real Red color doesnt only highlight my sexy and smoochable lips, it also gives radiant, energy to my look, as thought its all brighten up and pop by the real red color on my lips.

So I believe, its a MUST to have at least one Real Red lip stain or lipstick in the make up pouch and now I have TWO !

The Touch In Sol I'll Get You Lip Stain has the 2 in 1 lip stain & lip balm, and it also comes with a lip brush to ease your application. The container is quite small to dap and apply with your finger, thats where the lip brush comes in handy, especially the lip blam section which you can barely put your pinky finger in it.

Here are some swatches of the Touch In Sol I'll Get You Lip Stain, lip stain and lip balm on my hand. The Real Red lip stain is very pigmented and rich, as for the lip balm it has a hint of pinkish glossy effect, which will give me the bold and glossy 3D lips.

Its actually my first time trying the lipstain from Touch In Sol and also doing it with lip brush. With the aid of the lip brush its is really easy to apply, I can even reach the crack lines between my lips, when I have to glide it on a couple of times for an smoother texture, if I am using lipstick.

After applying the pinkish lip balm. 

Applying the Real Red Lip Stain after lip balm.

The Touch In Sol Lip Stain will give you a matte looking lips, but you can dap a little amount of the pinkish lip balm on top to give a hint of glossy effect. As for me, I have a very dry lips that crack easily, so if I will apply the Touch In Sol Lip Balm as my base, to create a more moisturized and smoother lip surface, before applying the Real Red Lip Stain then maybe top it with another layer of lip balm.

My awkward kiss >.<

Touch In Sol I'll Get You Lip Stain
It definitely deserve the name of it because after a meal or drink, my lips still has the red tinted color on it and its rather even, and by the end of the day, majority of the color faded off but the minimal red color left does make my lips look nakedly red!

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Disclaimer : The review is based on my personal experience.


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