Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Partying with the "Love Birds" !

"Lets partehh babehh !"

At last, I have passed my proposal defense ! Yeay !!!

So Melody decided to have a mini celebration for me, and she got all these cute looking party props from Party Hat ( to spice up the place !

If you were wondering what Party Hat is all about,

Party Hat is the first party planner in Malaysia to bring parties to your home! They offer mobile kids party such as Princess Pamper Party, Cupcake Decorating Party, Pizza Making Party and Bento Making Party – right at your doorstep. All you have to do is choose a party theme and venue (it can be your home or your favourite restaurant) and they will show up with all the necessary party supplies! 
Although Party Hat Malaysia’s forte is organizing kids party, they also offer party decoration service for weddings, birthdays, full moon and social events (think Mother’s Day, Girls Night Out!).  
They design cute decoration things like tags, toppers and banners according to your theme design! When most design companies would charge you a fortune for designing fee, Party Hat Malaysia usually offer it as a free service !
There are variety of designs for Party Props like:-

Party Hat Printables : Bumble Bee

Party Hat Printables : Love Birds

Party Hat Printables : Hello Kitty

Party Hat Printables : Baby Bear

Party Hat Printables : Assorted Patterns

The one that she got for me was the  Party Hat Printable - Love Birds. I have no idea why did she got that, maybe it was from her engagement earlier or she is just secretly in love with me ! * hahahaha just kidding *

Lets check out how did she decorate the drinks before I arrive !

Instead of having the Party Hat Printable Mini Bunting hanging on the wall or what, she hung it on our drinks ! 

She even decorated the straw with the Party Hat Printable Hersey Miniature Wrapper ! Isnt that adorable ?!
I just cant wait to drink it now with such cute looking straw !!! hahaha 

Not to mention about all the colorful and lovely Party Hat Printable Scallop Tags on the whipped cream of the frappucino !
Instead of putting on typical cupcake she put it on drinks with whipped cream, that is creative man !

I am just shocked and mesmerized by the colorful Party Hat Printable Scallop Tags on the drink ! 

There is even beautiful Round Tags along with the Party Hat Printable package !

Peekaboo ! ;)

Thank you so much, Mel. I really enjoy the drinks with nicely decorated straw and cup ! 
* muaxxx *

I am so in love with all the party props and the services Party Hat provides, but my favourite would definitely be the Princess Pamper Party, cause I get to have nail art services, light make up and etc.. Its just so girly and so princessy ! :D 

Now I wish I can turn back time to have my 21st party done by Party Hat ! >.< 

So, the next time you’re planning your kid’s birthday party, make sure to include these parties as part of the birthday celebration! Many of Party Hat’s customers also chose these kids party to reward their children after a long semester of hardwork and exams. That’s why school holidays are the busiest time for the party team, so remember to book them in advance! To understand more on these mobile kids party, please visit this link - or

Check out their portfolio in this link ( to get more ideas for your next party!

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Not sure thats good or bad >.<
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