Friday, May 17, 2013

#ootd : British School Girl

"Good Girl Going to School :D "

For the English Tea Review at Teaffani Patisserie (here), Tammy came out with a dress code which is the British School Girl.

I was pretty excited and confused, sort of like a mixed feeling when I read that, happy because I get to play dress up ! And as for the confused part is simply because I am not sure what I have in my cupboard that can be used, if there aint any, then I would have to buy. >.<

At the end, I came out with this outfit which is inspired by Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl.

My British School Girl outfit. 

Okay, here is how the original Serena Van Der Woodsen's version looks like. 

Its obvious that Serena carries the outfit much better than I do, with her skinny long legs and blonde hair. Well at least I tried... >.<

White Singlet Top - Padini
Brown Vest - Online Blogshop (I dun remember the name)
Stripe Necktie - Romp
Black Front Zipper Skirt - Cotton On

Here is another shot of my OOTD. 


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