Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kiss Me Mobile Make Up Station Launch @ Sungei Wang

"Flawlessly beautiful at all times, like a comic book heroine !"

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Name : Kiss Me Make Up Station
Time : 11am - 12pm, 11 May 2013
Location : Sungei Wang

Are you a fan of Kiss Me ? If you ask me, I have no doubt but to say YES to it !

I have been using Kiss Me mascara since early of this year and I am in love with it, like deeply in love with it.  It is much better than any other brand cause its very very waterproof and doesnt smudge at all even though I am walking under the rain!

Its so excited to know that they are having this Kiss Me Mobile Make Up station going all around the Klang Valley, Penang and Ipoh !

And the best part is I get to be at the Launching of this Kiss Me Mobile Make Up Station and also the launch of their new Brown Mascara at Sungei Wang !

The event started at 11am with the welcoming speech and all, then they officiated the launch by releasing all the Kiss Me balloons ! * I wish I could fly up high like the balloons too xD *

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After the balloon releasing ceremony, here is the moment where everyone has been waiting for, the unveil of the Kiss Me Mobile Make Up Truck ! * yeay *

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Once they unveil the truck, I was surprise to see two cute looking guys are standing behind it with the new Kiss Me Heroine Brown Mascara ! At that moment, I thought Kiss Me has decided to change to a male ambassador ! hahah

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Then slowly the pretty heroine of the day walk out from the truck with her stunning make up by the Kiss Me make up artist.

Speaking about the Kiss Me Make Up Artist, on the launch itself, they have flew a well-known make up artist from Japan, Ms Kondo to demonstrate on how to do a full on make up using all the Kiss Me products.

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Tadaaa ! 
Here you go, a natural yet refreshing look that highlight all the features on Julie's face.

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In the Mobile Make Up Station, you can find all the Kiss Me make up products under one roof, ranging from eyeliner and mascara to lipstick, lip gloss and many more. So dont be shy to hop into the truck and check it out yourself, or perhaps get a make up done by the make up artist on board ! :)

Remember to follow closely to for updates on their next stop in Klang Valley, Penang and Ipoh !

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My picture with the two cute looking guys and the heroine of the day and of course two lovely bloggers, and !

To know where the Kiss Me Mobile Make Up Station gonna stop next, follow Kiss Me at :
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P.S. Thanks Don, Yukiko and Manoah for the invites to such girly event ! :)


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