Monday, May 13, 2013

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

"Are you an Unstoppable Explorer ?"

I am an unstoppable explorer when it comes to food hunting !!

I love maggi goreng no matter where i am, when i get hungry the first thing I look for is maggi gorreng. sometimes its in a great mamak just down the road but most of the of the time the best maggi goreng can be found at make shift stall in a smelly lorong under a tree where the mamak man looks like he hasn't taken a shower in tree months...

That's just my unstoppable explorer characteristic which is
dare to try and eat from the dirtiest, filthiest, smelliest mamak !!

And just yesterday my latest maggi goreng adventure hunt took me to a lorong in Jalan Pudu where the rats ran wild and the cats ran away but I still insist on having the maggi goreng tak mau sayur and it was just god like, even when i have to dine together with the rats and cats. Ewwww...

What made it even better was i could catch Master Chef Celebrity on my mobile with Astro On The Go while enjoying my maggi goreng.... * slurp slurp slurp *

Now with Astro On The Go on my mobile phone,
nothing can stop my passion in the hunt for MAGGI GORENG !!!


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