Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bag Of Love Unzipping Tea Party at Delectable Su, Paradigm Mall

"Its a sweet and girly affair !"

Name : Bag of Love Unboxing Unzipping Tea Party
Time : 11am - 1pm, 27 April 2013
Location : Delectable Su, Paradigm Mall

The relationship between Bag of Love and me is like a first sight love ♥..
I admire the whole idea of "Bag of Love", where they send out beauty products by putting it IN A BAG, literally a BAG !

So, it was my pleasure to be invited to the Bag of Love Unboxing Unzipping Tea Party collaborating with Delectable Su, organized by The Butterfly Project !
* not only I get to pamper my stomach with delish sweets and yet I get to review the April Bag Of Love too ! yippie *

On that day, the whole place was like sweetness overdose !
Once you enter the Delectable Su store, there is a table full with candiesssss, cakesss, tartssss, mashmallowwwsss and everything sweet, you name it they have it !

Isnt it beautiful ? Everything was sitting on the table elegantly, like as tho it was waiting for us aka the fellow bloggers from The Butterfly Projects to take picture ! * I bet it felt like a red carpet event to them LOL *

Mimi was so adored by the pretty looking cupcakes prepared by Delectable Su, she even pose for us. Hahaha

Delectable Su is well-known for its sweets, like macarons, cakes, meringue, and etc.
But do you know that Delectable Su has this Tea Time Treat from 2 - 6 pm, DAILY ?

And its only RM 15 for one person 
RM 28 for 2 person !

Here is how the Tea Time Treat looks like. 

The Delectable Su Tea Time Treat comes with :-

A Pot of Tea 
Spicy Sausage Puff
Chocolate Macaron
Roasted Cashews
Carrot Cake
Moist Chocolate Cake
2 Delectable Cookies
Cherry Almond Cake
* 1 Person Tea will have one pot of tea and 1 of each savories and sweets *
* 2 Person Tea will have one pot of tea and 2 of each savories and sweets *

Before everyone start digging into the Tea Time Treat prepared by Delectable Su, we had a short welcoming speech by Mimi, the founder of Bag Of Love !

" In conjunction with the Earthy Month, April Bag Of Love is going green. The April Bag is made of bleach-free canvas and the little tag inside is of recycled non-woven material. Though delicate, the bad is extremely heavy-duty. This time around there is no bubble wrapped used cause its doesnt match the Earthy Month, but I have thrown the bag all over the place to test on the durability of it, and surprisingly nothing is broken nor damaged. :) 
So hope everyone would love the April's Bag Of Love. ♥... "
Okay here is the moment where everyone is waiting for !
Here comes the APRIL'S BAG OF LOVE !!!!

Thank you so much, Mimi for the beautiful and environmental friendly bag ! ♥

Sneak peek of what they have inside... hahaha
* something for hair, body and the popular demand BRUSH ! *

I personally love the canvas bag very much, the size is just nice for me to put inside my handbag and cram all my make up stuff inside. Yeay !

Okay that all for the event and here comes the photos I have taken with the Butterfly bloggers on that day. 

Tammy ( and I.

Me, Chency ( and Yuh Juin (

Mimi, founder of Bag Of Love and I, 
Photobombed by Chency ! Lolx

Oh yeah did I mention that everyone that order the Tea Time Treat will get a Delectable Su badge and there is 5 in total to be collected ! So get your Tea Time Treat and badges nowwwww...

As for us, Delectable Su was so happy to have us there, she gave everyone the 5 badges to bring back home ! Thank you so muchiee... ♥

Photo by Butterfly Project. 
Thank you The Butterfly Projects, Bag Of Love and Delectable Su for making this Unzipping Tea Party an awesome one ! Looking forward for more parties like this.. =P

For more information, kindly visit:-

Bag of Love

Delectable Su

The Butterfly Project


Twitter / Facebook / Instagram : mysarah159

Hopefully there is more and more coming
finger crossed


  1. everything is in pastel colour... so beautiful. tak sampai hati to eat those adorable cup cakes.

    1. Yeah ikr.. haha.. at the end of the day, we din even eat much.. xD

  2. Lovely...and I meant both the bag and the sweets!

  3. Such a lovely arrangement for a girly get together. Yummy tea time and beauty products:D

    1. yeap ! Nothing better than having tea and talking about beauty and all the girly stuff.. haha

  4. chency's hair is the same colour as her shirt :P

    btw, what font did u use for your photos ? so cute!

    1. I din realize that until u pointed it out.. yeah same color ! haha..
      I am using the "Always in my heart" font, babe... ;)

  5. looks really yummehhhh!! nom nom nom!!

  6. Wa, session one all girls wearing same color shirt? =X


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