Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bag Of Love Unzipping Tea Party at Delectable Su, Paradigm Mall

"Its a sweet and girly affair !"

Name : Bag of Love Unboxing Unzipping Tea Party
Time : 11am - 1pm, 27 April 2013
Location : Delectable Su, Paradigm Mall

The relationship between Bag of Love and me is like a first sight love ♥..
I admire the whole idea of "Bag of Love", where they send out beauty products by putting it IN A BAG, literally a BAG !

So, it was my pleasure to be invited to the Bag of Love Unboxing Unzipping Tea Party collaborating with Delectable Su, organized by The Butterfly Project !
* not only I get to pamper my stomach with delish sweets and yet I get to review the April Bag Of Love too ! yippie *

On that day, the whole place was like sweetness overdose !
Once you enter the Delectable Su store, there is a table full with candiesssss, cakesss, tartssss, mashmallowwwsss and everything sweet, you name it they have it !

Isnt it beautiful ? Everything was sitting on the table elegantly, like as tho it was waiting for us aka the fellow bloggers from The Butterfly Projects to take picture ! * I bet it felt like a red carpet event to them LOL *

Mimi was so adored by the pretty looking cupcakes prepared by Delectable Su, she even pose for us. Hahaha

Delectable Su is well-known for its sweets, like macarons, cakes, meringue, and etc.
But do you know that Delectable Su has this Tea Time Treat from 2 - 6 pm, DAILY ?

And its only RM 15 for one person 
RM 28 for 2 person !

Here is how the Tea Time Treat looks like. 

The Delectable Su Tea Time Treat comes with :-

A Pot of Tea 
Spicy Sausage Puff
Chocolate Macaron
Roasted Cashews
Carrot Cake
Moist Chocolate Cake
2 Delectable Cookies
Cherry Almond Cake
* 1 Person Tea will have one pot of tea and 1 of each savories and sweets *
* 2 Person Tea will have one pot of tea and 2 of each savories and sweets *

Before everyone start digging into the Tea Time Treat prepared by Delectable Su, we had a short welcoming speech by Mimi, the founder of Bag Of Love !

" In conjunction with the Earthy Month, April Bag Of Love is going green. The April Bag is made of bleach-free canvas and the little tag inside is of recycled non-woven material. Though delicate, the bad is extremely heavy-duty. This time around there is no bubble wrapped used cause its doesnt match the Earthy Month, but I have thrown the bag all over the place to test on the durability of it, and surprisingly nothing is broken nor damaged. :) 
So hope everyone would love the April's Bag Of Love. ♥... "
Okay here is the moment where everyone is waiting for !
Here comes the APRIL'S BAG OF LOVE !!!!

Thank you so much, Mimi for the beautiful and environmental friendly bag ! ♥

Sneak peek of what they have inside... hahaha
* something for hair, body and the popular demand BRUSH ! *

I personally love the canvas bag very much, the size is just nice for me to put inside my handbag and cram all my make up stuff inside. Yeay !

Okay that all for the event and here comes the photos I have taken with the Butterfly bloggers on that day. 

Tammy ( and I.

Me, Chency ( and Yuh Juin (

Mimi, founder of Bag Of Love and I, 
Photobombed by Chency ! Lolx

Oh yeah did I mention that everyone that order the Tea Time Treat will get a Delectable Su badge and there is 5 in total to be collected ! So get your Tea Time Treat and badges nowwwww...

As for us, Delectable Su was so happy to have us there, she gave everyone the 5 badges to bring back home ! Thank you so muchiee... ♥

Photo by Butterfly Project. 
Thank you The Butterfly Projects, Bag Of Love and Delectable Su for making this Unzipping Tea Party an awesome one ! Looking forward for more parties like this.. =P

For more information, kindly visit:-

Bag of Love

Delectable Su

The Butterfly Project


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Hopefully there is more and more coming
finger crossed