Sunday, April 7, 2013

What have you missed at BAC Education Fair ?

"BAC is your fastest and smartest way to your UK Law & Business Degree !"

Last week I went to the Brickfields Asia College (BAC) Education Fair at VSQ, PJ City Center and it wasnt any ordinary Education Fair I have ever attended.

BAC Education Fair WAS FUN !!

Usually the Education Fair, will all filled with booth and booth of colleges with the staff to assist and explain to you on their course structures and etc.

But as for BAC Education Fair, I was welcomed with tonnes of GAMES and CONTEST !

Upon walking into the building, I am attracted by this 
Rodeo Mechanical Bull Riding Machine !
I have seen this in movies and games but this was my first time seeing someone literally taking a ride on it ! Hahah Seeing how he was trying so hard not to fall by holding on to the energetic bull was breathe taking, cause one part of me was like "Dont fall dont fall !" and another part was like "Cant wait to see what happen if he falls." * evil laugh muahahah *

With all the games lining up in front of you as you enter, make me felt like it has tonnes of fun installed in this BAC Education Fair. 

In the Learning Hub Asia (level 1), there are more competition and prizes to be won.
They have this
"No Lose" Spin the Wheel !

Well with any no, you could just walk away with a prize.
That day I was like looking for the Wheel, but to my surprise, they made this Virtual Wheel for us to spin. Isnt this cool ?!

Okay lets get back on track.
In level 3, they have all the partners & affiliates universities` booth like...

University of Cambridge
University of Hull
Keele University
University Liverpool
University of Reading
University of Hertfordshire and etc...

and there were lecturers there to explain and attend to all your inquiries regarding on the courses offered.

Do you know that..
BAC offers the fastest and smartest way to your UK Law and Business Degrees which you could start now and graduate up to 2 years earlier !
So let say I enroll now, I am gonna get my 4 years law degree by just 2 years ! Wowww.. even faster than any engineering courses !

Other than all the degrees certificate, there are a wide range of Law programmes at BAC, like...

Certificate in Legal Practice
Certificate in Oil & Gas Law
Certificate in Shipping Law & Practice
Certificate in Employment Law 
Diploma in International Arbitration 
and the Mini MBA programme that offers you the fundamental of business administration.

Lets get enroll now or drop by at the new BAC (PJ campus) in VSQ for inquiries regarding on the courses offered. 

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