Thursday, April 4, 2013

WeChat together k ? :)

" WeChat is your new way to connect !"

Name : WeChat - the new way to connect !
Time : 7pm - 10pm, 2 April 2013
Location : Neverland, KL

There are quite a number of message application mushrooming in the all the phone platform, but to my surprise the WeChat has everything just under one app !

Despite of the fact that
WeChat is FREE, literally FOC !

WeChat has plenty emoticon to express your thought !

If there aint any words to represent your thought, fret not cause 
WeChat allows you to send voice message !

I am sort of addicted to the easy-peasy message method by WeChat now !
When I get invited to the WeChat party at Neverland, it was like icing on the cake, cause I get to party and also WeChat at the same time !!

In the entrance we were welcomed by the polaroid photo booth with the WeChat background !

There was opening dance performance on stage to start off the WeChat party !

It then followed by the speech by Mr Poshu Yeung, Vice President, Tencent International Business.
Do you know that..
" WeChat the mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service was developed by Tencent in China. And it was initially known as Weixin in Jan 2011, then it subsequently rebranded as WeChat in April 2012 to appeal the worldwide market. "
Some artists were invited to perform on the WeChat Party 2013 too like 
Vivian Chua & Henley Hii. 

And also by Awi Rafael. 
I really like his song, its so energetic and it keeps you going and dancing ! haha

On top of that to hype up the party there was games and lucky draw session, with an Ipad awaits the lucky winner ! 

If you realize there is a chatroom on the screen and do you know..
That WeChat can accommodate more than 100 users in the group chat which was definitely tested by all of the party goers on that day ! Isnt that coooolll ?!

Congratulation to all winners !

Before everything coming to an end, we were entertained by the Spinning Session by SkyoGroove !
Lets dance till the world end on the dance floor ! hahah
WeChat is available on iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices, making it the first and only social messaging application available on all major mobile platform ! 
So there aint any excuse for you not to be CONNECT in WeChat !

Do check out the WeChat TV new Commercial, with Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam, WeChat 2 new ambassador, dont they look cute chatting with WeChat ? :)

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Note to self : Be contented and strong