Sunday, April 28, 2013

Samsung Note II is in Red now !

"It has gone sexily RED !"

I just hate Samsung so much, cause they are coming out with variety of colors for phones that put me in dilemma right now ! Damn !

Samsung Note II which was initially comes in Pink which give you the a sweet feeling, 
now its in WINE RED color that makes you feel sexy and cooler owning the phone!

When they say Wine Red color, it is literally like the color of wine.

Lemme tell you a secret, I am actually a RED lover ! *shhhh *

Simply because the color makes me feel BOLD and CONFIDENT, especially when you are in a WINE RED cocktail dress and a WINE RED heels, it doesnt only show off your confident but also brings out SEXIEST out of you !

You would definitely be the apple of everyone's eye, just like Blake Lively. * dying to wear like that >.< *

Okay.. Have you heard of a quote saying, " If you are in doubt, wear RED !" ?

Well, I would say, "If you want to be special, dye your hair RED !" like Rihanna.

There is like an instant glow in Rihanna right after her hair goes RED with the attention she gets and her hits song... 
"Oh na na na, whats my name... "

I want a RED phone so I could glow in the crowd and everyone can see me, can notice me from far too ! Come on, every girls want some attention k.. * hahaha *

The Samsung Note II in WINE RED fits so well into my life cause everything in my bag is like either black or white, oh yeah and my Samsung SII in its awkward green casing. I need a change, I need a new color for my bag to show off my confident !

It has the super clear front camera feature that erm erm.. just the nice for Insta #selca ! hahaha 

Can you see my pimple on the side ? hahaha 

The phone really gives a SEXY and SOPHISTICATED feeling, which is what I need cause I cant go cute cute anymore when I am like hitting mid twenties soon ! * haishhhh agingggg :( *

Do I look sexy with, pretending busy looking at the phone ? hahaha 

I am jest so in love with the WINE RED Samsung Note II, till I have to touch it everytime  when I pass by any Samsung Store ! * damn it IHY, Samsung *

Lemme end the post with a quote I have in RED. 

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P.S. Having a love hate relationship with Samsung now. >.<

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One day rush !