Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Luv Samsung Galaxy S4, Your Life Companion !

"Break your piggybank now and get your new Life Companion,
the Samsung Galaxy S4 !"

I am sure that you are aware that last weekend was the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Malaysia.
This time around, they have the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch in a very different and special way literally different from the other exclusive launches you have ever attended.

For the pre-launch of S4, Samsung has the S4 a mini musical roadshow all over the major shopping mall in KL and PJ, you can read (here) to see what I meant by mini musical roadshow.

And as for the actual launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, they made the roadshow 
BIG and HUGEEEEeeee ! 
The roadshow in major shopping malls was all filled with awesome-pawsome performances like... 

Cheerleaders !

Marching Band !

And there was even appearances of local artist mingling in the event !

You can see how BIG this Samsung Galaxy S4 roadshow is, cause there was police to escort the S4 trailer !

As the party moves to Berjaya Timesquare, it was much more breath-taking !
They had a flashmob for the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch !! 

People started to pop out from the crowd and dance along with the music ! Its so cool man !

After Berjaya Timesquare flashmob, the roadshow goes on at the final stop, aka 
Plaza Low Yat !

It felt like a carnival down there with all the performances and clowns in the mall ! hahah

This was my very first time seeing a phone launches in such way !
It was really grand and remarkable launch of the Life Companion, Samsung Galaxy S4 !

Have you checked out the Samsung Galaxy S4 yet ?
As I lay my hand on then phone, I felt the instant spark and fall in love with it !! 

Especially the SMART SCROLL and SMART PAUSE feature !

I dont even have to touch the phone to play and pause the video, just a stare will do the magic ! It applies to browsing the net too, the SMART SCROLL allows you to scroll the web pages with your eye ! Isnt that cool or what ?! haha

The coolness doesnt stop there..
comes in very handy to all driver that likes to talk on the phone while driving ! 

You can answer calls in car with just a wave of hand  with the Smart Call Accept !
Browsing photos is also now one wave away with Air Gesture !

I personally would love to have the phone is because of one special feature they have, which is the
DUAL CAMERA feature !

The DUAL Camera from Samsung Galaxy S4 means DOUBLE THE CAMWHORE for me ! hahaha
With this feature I can make sure I look pretty even when I am taking photos for others ! I know I am jest so darn vain !! Well which girls doenst want to look pretty at all time.. hahaha 

The super clear and big screen is so jest nice to camwhore isnt it ? hahah

Samsung Galaxy S4 really deserves the "Life Companion" tagline 
with all the easy-peasy features they have. 

You can get the phone at any Samsung store or perhaps get it with any Telco plan.

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P.S. If I were ever given the phone, I will definitely test the DUAL CAMERA kaw kaw !! hahaha... *sorry in advance for spamming my selca photo xD * 

*event photos are from Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook. 

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D.I.E.T !