Monday, April 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming to town !

"Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy S4 !"

Do you know the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 in Malaysia will be happening really soon ?
Like really really soon, which is this week !

Well if you are out for shopping at KL last sat, you will definitely come across this group of choir singing about the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and its features ! It felt so much like glee seeing them performing on street like that ! How I wish I could join them.. =B

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 has plenty new features that could blow your mind away, cause it now much more user friendly and cooler ! I jest cant wait to lay my hand on it once it's launched in Malaysia on April 2013 !!!! *arggghhhh *

The feature that I like the most is the 
Galaxy S4 : Air Gesture/Smart Call Accept !

This definitely comes in handy for all driver cause now you dont have to take your hand off the wheel and slide through the answer button, all you need is a WAVE of hand to answer the call and even have your loud speaker on upon accepting the call ! 

And just FYI, the Samsung Galaxy S4 doesnt come with a S pen, but you still can have the
Galaxy S4  : Air View !

By just holding one finger over the screen, you get the larger blow up of the thumbnail for everything like the gallery, browser and even your quick dial screen ! 

After watching the video, doesnt it make you wanna get the Samsung Galaxy S4 right now ?! hahaha

The pre-booking for Samsung Galaxy S4 has started you can head down to your nearest telco to pre-book it and be among the first to get this beautiful gadget for yourself !

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It happening less than a month
I am so doomed


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