Monday, April 29, 2013

Reshmonu In American Hi Tea

"Reshmonu is collaborating with Jim Beanz aka Timbaland !"

I am so proud of our very local R&B artist, Reshmonu ! 

He is set to be the very 1st Malaysian to collaborate with acclaimed producer, songwriter, singer and musician Jim Beanz, aka Timbaland's protege on his next album for UK and North America releasing in early 2014 !

I cant believe that Reshmonu is literally hitting the UK and North America music industry in 2014 !

Reshmonu started his humble beginning as a sound engineer and then he worked his way up as one of the recognizable faces of Malaysian Music industry over the past 8 years. To be at where he is now, he has put in a lot of effort, because he doesnt only sing, write, produce, arrange and engineer his own music, he also oversees virtually all stages in the process of creating an album which includes directing and editing his own music videos, art directing the artwork of his albums and also working his own unique image styling ! 
* especially his unique hair style that can be easily recognizable for who he is ! =) *

Reshmonu believes that the collaboration with Timbaland, could form a pathway for other local artist to venture into the UK and North America music industry, and make Malaysian Music to be known all over the world !
Reshmonu has released variety of music albums over the past 8 years in Malaysia which includes his debut Malaysian English album entitled "Monumental", and followed by "Monumental - The Journey Continues", "Superfine". 
In 2009, Reshmonu released his first fully Bahasa Melayu album, "Harapan", for which he gained the award for Best Engineered Album in the 16th Music Industry Awards. This album was exclusively on sale at his very own online record label (R Records), read more at
After the fully Bahasa Melayu album, he came out with a Tamil language single "Theendathey", which cemented his popularity among Malaysia's Tamil community. 

When it comes to highly publicized local television roadshow events and reality programs, Reshmonu is also at the top of the list ! He has graced with his presence and talent, like the Hitz Birthday Bash (ASTRO), Malaysian English Top 10 Awards (ASTRO), AIM (NTV7), Jom Heboh (TV3), One In A Million (8TV) and the list goes on...

In the year 2013, Reshmonu will be heading to America to write and record new album with the top producer Jim Beanz, isnt that AWESOME ?!!!

I jest cant wait for the new album that will be releasing soon in early 2014 ! 
All the best, Reshmonu !

Okay, here are some photos of the lovely ladies that tag me along for this event. 

Thanks babe. 

I am deeply in love with cropped tee ! hahah 

Black Cropped Tee - Cotton On
Polka Dot Skirt - Cotton On
Tote Bag - Charles and Keith
Statement Necklace - Bangkok

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