Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

"Are you geared up for the Iron Man 3 ?"

Iron Man 3 !
This has been the movie that everyone literally adults, kids and even girls are anticipating for it, in this April !

How could I not want to watch it too ?!
But for Iron Man 3, I have come out with some new ideas on how the costume should look like...

My Iron Man 3 costume would be named as.... 

" Iron Man Gone Green & Pretty ! "

Lemme explain about my design first. The new Iron Man costume was design for more self defense mode rather than attacking cause in the trailer, I see Tony Spark was badly injured with scars and wound all over his face and arm. So my "Iron Man Gone Green & Pretty" design is to ...


Since Iron Man has to fly all over the place to save the world, I would install the Hybrid system into the costume, so he wouldnt have to charge his costume all the time. Well I am sure there will be a chance of the battery dying off when he was caught up in a fight against the evil.

Now Iron Man can fly much further and fuel-saving too ! hahaha
Iron Man can now fight the whole day without the concern of having sufficient battery or fuel !


Iron man might look tough from the outside but when he falls from high places, he would definitely feel the pain too. Thats the reason we see scratches and wound on his face.

So I have this Tutu to be included in the Iron Man costume, to give him a sort of like parachute soft landing so he wouldnt be so badly injured when he falls. Am I thoughtful enough ? hahaha >v<

Kawaii. xD
Do I look cute in Tutu ? Would I rock the Gyiyomi song with this look ? hahaha


Well even if he really falls and crash hard, he can touch up his mask with...
The new COSMETIC BAG included in the Iron Man costume !

I am sure everyone knows the power of make up, that can literally conceal all the imperfection on your face.

So as Iron Man falls, he could put on some concealer, pretending as tho the fall or the punch doesnt give him any pain at all ! This can deceive the enemy and perhaps buy some time while waiting for his armor to autoheal or waiting for his backup to come ! xD

Must look good even when I am losing !
Is my costume powerful enough ? hahaha Powerful wise, I am not sure, but I am sure the Tutu Parachute is definitely cuteness overdose ! hahaha 

 P.S. Hope my new costume could score me ticket to watch Iron Man 3. * finger crossed *

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