Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gwiyomi with my besties !

"Gwiyomi nan Gwiyomi... ♥ "

With all the trending video for Gwiyomi, my besties and I decided to do a polaroid post for Gwiyomi since we are not a video person. haha * cam shy >.< *

So here we go ! hahaha 

1 + 1
일 더하기 일은 귀요미 
[il deohagi ireun gwiyomi]

2 + 2
이 더하기 이 귀요미
[i deohagi ineun gwiyomi]

3 + 3
삼 더하기 삼 귀요미 
[sam deohagi sameun gwiyomi]

4 + 4 
사 더하기 사 귀요미 
[sa deohagi saneun gwiyomi]

5 + 5
오 더하기 오 귀요미 
[o deohagi oneun gwiyomi]

6 + 6
육 더하기 육 귀요미 
[yuk deohagi yugeun gwiyomi]

Gwiyomi nan Gwiyomiiii ... ♥

It was really fun doing Gwiyomi photoshoot with my besties. Hahaha.. 

I have uploaded more photos in my Facebook page, feel free to check it out at ( Gwiyomi .. =)

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