Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Afternoon Tea Set @ House, G-Tower

"Afternoon tea that comes with style."

House Restaurant & Bar
(tel) +603 2164 4444
G02 & LG02-04, G-Tower,
199, Jalan Tun Razak, 
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
11am - 1am (Monday - Saturday, CLOSED on Sunday) 
I used to be very free, by having the time to go for leisure tea session with my friends, but now with my research work starting to pile up and my friends are also having a busy schedule, I hardly go for afternoon tea session with my friends. 

However on this lovely afternoon, my friend and I manage to squeeze a few hours out of our busy schedule to try out the afternoon tea at G-Tower which we have been dying to try !

The House, G-Tower afternoon tea set comes with the three tier of desserts and cakes, and a choice of coffee or tea to pair with your pastries. 

To be honest, the coffee nor tea was the plain coffee and tea you can easily make it yourself at home, so I am not going to talk much about it.

Here comes the three tier afternoon tea set. Lets dig in !

1st Tier - Sandwiches

On the carby tier, there are 4 slices of sandwiches with 2 different type of filling which is the tuna and salmon.

For the tuna sandwich, it has the toasted multigrains bread as its base while all the tomatoes, tuna and slices of hard boiled egg lying right on top of each other. On top of that, they topped the sandwich with a handful of Alfafa sprout to add some greenery to the sandwich.

The sandwich was very delicious and balance I would say, because the tuna and tomatoes contributed the moisture to the dry and plain bread, making it easier for you to gobble down. I could say the two slices of eggs are pretty important in this sandwich as it moderate the fishiness in the tuna by giving you an "eggy" taste to the sandwich. In whole, this is definitely a highly recommended piece of sandwich to feast your stomach and eye ! ;)

I personally aint a huge fan of salmon slices due to the fishy taste of it but believe or not this Smoked Salmon sandwich does make me doubt myself on my preference. 

The mishmash of the plain toasted white bread with a blanket of lettuces, salmon, onion rings and a small amount of pickled olive (I guess) are simply mouth-watering. Dont underestimate the little pickled olive and onions, cause it certainly manage to moderate the fishy taste from the salmon, making it just the way I like it and wanting for more ! Hahaha 

2nd Tier - Scones

The second tier with scones was quite disappointing for me. By the manner of presentation, it looks very plain and unadorned, as for the taste, it was more of a bread-like texture which is no where near how a scone should be. Well on the upside, this "bread-like" scones has 4 different type of Heinz preserved jam to pair with, making the scone taste tad better than having it plainly by itself. 

3rd Tier - Dessert

The top tier is where all the sweet desserts are placed delicately waiting to be nom !

We ordered the cream cheese cake since its the best seller there. The cream cheese cake was very cheesy and moist, simply a divine slice of cake, even the more you eat, it will not make you feel nauseated at all, but definitely a sinful piece with the amount of cheese on it ! Well somehow or someway, I felt it tasted kind of like the Japanese cheese cake, if you know which type of cheese cake I am referring to, which has a cheesily spongy texture.

The chocolate nutty cluster is absolutely my favourite ! It has a very light chocolate flavour and every bite was a mouthful of crunchy nuts that could overwhelm your taste-bud.

The chocolate dip strawberry was purely sweet with a hint of bitterness from the dark chocolate wrapping around the fresh strawberry. 

It also comes along with 4 cookies. The cookies was quite satisfying with its buttery textures and a touch of sweetness from the chocolate chips. I personally like it very much, as compared to the Famous Amos cookies which is seriously sweetness overdose ! 

The place has a very snazzy and elegant mood with cabinet of wines displaying on the wall, showing off all collection of wain they have there. It also has the blend of earthy atmosphere as you walk upstairs with all the wooden chairs and tables placed together for dining. House is definitely a very relaxing and comfy place to chillout with a sip of tea and the cheesy cheese cake.

(0 - Poor, 10 - Perfect)
Ambiance : 8 / 10
Service : 5 / 10
Presentation : 6 / 10
Taste : 6.5 / 10

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