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4 - Tastebuddies Lunch @ Kelantan Delights, Sooka Central

" A place that serves you traditional yet elegant Kelantanese dishes."

Kelantan Delights Restaurant
(tel) +603-2785 1945
Sooka Sentral Branch
1-5 Level 1, 
Sooka Sentral,
Jalan Stesen Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Subang Jaya Branch
Ground Floor East Wing,
Wisma Consplant 1,
No. 2 Jalan SS16/4
Subang Jaya 47500.
Sooka Sentral Branch : 11am - 10pm (Monday to Saturday)
Subang Jaya Branch : 11am - 10pm (daily)
" Kelantan Delights Restaurant is a restaurant that serves popular Kelantanese and southern Thai cuisine in a stylish elegant restaurant settings. Kelantan Delights brings to you the best Kelantanese Malay cuisine served in a five-star dining experience. Explore centuries-old Malay recipes, which originality of taste made by the ancestors remain unchanged. " 

It was my pleasure to be invited by Tastebuddies, Nuffnang to dine at this stylish elegant Kelantan Delights Restaurant that serves you the thumbs up Kelantanese Malay cuisine.

Upon arrival we were greeted with some local Kelantanese and Thai appetizer.
Do you know ?
Due to the geographical location, some of Kelantanese cuisine is influenced by Thai custom and flavour, like the Tomyam.

Tomyam Kelapa Muda
This was made up of the typical Tomyam soup, fresh prawn and also coconut meat. The Tomyam served by Kelantan Delights is just the way I like it, every sip was like an explosion of sweetness, spiciness and  of course the sourish flavour in your mouth. *Thumbs up for this ! *

Seeing the tomyam being served like tequila shots, does make me feel a little bit drunk after one or two shot of TOMYAM ! hahaha wth

Sirih Daun Kaduk
If you are not sure what this is, this is actually the sirih daun that you usually see but now it looks much more fancy and elegant ! I personally dun fancy this cause its way way beyond my spicy food tolerance level. * iced water please *

Now its time for the Kelantan Delights specialties !

Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik
If you ever wonder why the rice is blue in color, thats because it was stained with the color from morning glory (blue-ish color flower), making plain white rice turn blueeee !

Nasi Kerabu is a traditional dish from Kelantan, everytime when you talk about Kelantanese food, it will definitely be Nasi Kerabu. The Kelantan Delights Nasi Kerabu was served with salted egg, keropok ikan and of course ulam like bean sprout, cucumber, and daun selom. Mixing everything on the plate together gives you a colorful dish to feast your eye and also flavorsome rice to pamper your tummy.

As for the chicken, it was a little dry but when it pairs with the chicken gravy, it will be just nice for it to glide all the way down your mouth.

Nasi Dagang Gulai Ikan
Nasi Dagang was served with the Gulai Ikan Tongkol, dont ask me what fish is that cause I am not sure too, and some cucumbers and egg. Any Gulai fish lover, this is definitely the dish for you !

Dont be surprise to with name of this dish ya ! :)

Nasi Tumpang
Nasi Tumpang or I will call it "Surrogate Rice". Haha what a name.

In olden days, this dish was prepared by women for the men to bring along to work, simply because it can last very long like up to 12 hours and it has all the 4 meals in just one tube/wrap. They will start from the bigger part all the way down to the tiny tip. In the morning, they will take the rice and the eggs layer as breakfast, then followed by the sambal and rice for morning tea, as for lunch they will take the rice and chicken part and last but not least they will have the remaining ones for evening tea.

Dont you just envy how smart and practical our ancestor was ? This is what we call ALL-IN-ONE !

Dont get it wrong its not Laksa, its totally different !

This dish is also served with ulam, lemongrass, chicken floss, sambal belacan, and fish gravy. The noodle is sort of like kuey teow but much more fulfilling and thicker. The highlight of the Laksam, I would say is the fish gravy, cause it was so thick and full of flavour, it just complement the plain noodle very well giving it all the flavor a dish needs, without giving you any fishy taste at all. 

I highly recommend you to take this from Kelantan Delights ! * thumbs up *

Lompat Tikam 
Jump and stab ? Well it deserves the name as Lompat Tikam because the way you have to eat it is basically explained by the name itself. You have to take a bit of the pandan rice cake and jump all the way to the Red Glutinous Rice and stab it, then mix it up with brown pool of gula Malacca.

Every bite of the Lompat Tikam was sinfully delicious, as it goes down to your stomach, you will still have the sweetness of the pandan and gula Malacca lingering in your mouth. *drooling now xD*

Ketupat Sotong
Any dried sotong slices lover ? Order this then !

The Ketupat Sotong have the glutinous rice all stuffed inside the squid with an aromatic pandan flavour coming out. I need not to explain much on the taste of it cause it literally tasted like the dried squid slices but this time its moist and stuffed with rice. haha 

The place has two section which is the sexy and classy section and also the traditional wooden section, just to cater your dining preference. There was a lot of traditional Kelantanese decoration hanging all over the place like some lamp, photo frame, wayang kulit picture and how could I forget the huge wallpaper of the Siti Khadijah market in Kelantan lying on the wall, giving all the Kelantanese mood while dining there. 
(0 - Poor, 10 - Perfect)
Ambiance : 7 / 10
Service : 7 / 10
Presentation : 7 / 10
Taste : 7 / 10
If you are staying at Subang Jaya are, there is also another Kelantan Delights branch at Subang Jaya, feel free to drop by for some local Kelantanese cuisine.

Do follow them in instagram/twitter at @kelantandelights for all the mouth watering food.

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