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Vanity Trove (April) : The Shower of Summer

Vanity Trove that brings Beautiful Surprises !"

Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
I have been showered with lotsa beauty surprises lately and the Vanity Trove [April] that arrived two days ago was definitely one of it !

* I am not sure why, but I enjoy receiving parcel from the postman or courier. I am jest so in love with getting mail, literally mail ! haha *

Lemme show you what they have in the 
Vanity Trove - The Shower of Summer. 

Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
Vanity Trove : CLARINS - Intensive Brightening Serum RM 295 (300ml)
The very first thing that appeared right in front of me is the 5 sachets of CLARINS White Plus Luminescent- Intensive Brightening Serum. It uses the New Trans-Luminescent Complex, based on the best of plant extracts that combines the most effective ingredient to revive your skin`s micro-mirror structures!

There are spectacular results confirmed after 4 weeks like :
(Results are based on 54 Asian women)
  • More transparent skin
  • More even, unified complexion
  • Clearer Complexion
  • Less yellowish skin tone
  • Improved rosyluminescence
Besides that there is even a 50% discount voucher on treatment at CLARINS Skin Spa ! Isnt that great ?!

Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
Vanity Trove : KilaDoll - Licrorice & Job`s Tear Whitening Mask (price is not stated)
The KilaDoll Mask is suitable for all skin types and it claims to help you to get a firm & elastic skin after 20 minutes upon applying.

I shall try it out soon ! ;)

Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
Vanity Trove : ORIKS - Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream RM 398 (50g)
The ORIKS Aqua Watery Cream comes in a very cute looking bottle shaped size which definitely tempted me to use it immediately ! haha 

It is a moisturizer that smoothens wrinkles, tightens pores and brightens your complexion. It has more than 90 types of natural minerals to boost skin vitality and protect your skin from harsh environmental stressors. This is absolutely your best friend in this such hot weather to moisturize and maintain supple and dewy skin.

On top of that, there is a purchase on purchase voucher. You will get a FREE Platinum BB Cream worth RM 138 when you purchase a Platinum Aqua Watery Cream at the ORIKS Counter.

Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
Beauty surprises doesnt stop there cause they have this lovely...

Vanity Trove : KATE - Eyeshadow DB RM 49 (1.6g)
The one that I got is KATE Eyeshadow DB-1 which is light and dark brown, just nice for an everyday make up. :)

The KATE Eyeshadow DB palette comes with two shades that can be used individually or mixed. There is like a zone for you to mix the two shades for a beautiful gradation !

Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
Vanity Trove : Narciso Rodriguez For Her RM278 (50ml)
Once you unbox the Vanity Trove, there was a gush of sweet-scented smell coming out and now I know where the scent comes from. Its this 1ml of Narciso Rodriguez For Her that gives out a contemporary interpretation of femininity of honey flower, radiant amber and tactile woody essences to please your senses.

Tho its just 1ml in size, but its just nice for me to carry along in my handbag and use it whenever I want. :)

Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
Vanity Trove [April] : The Shower of Summer.
Vanity Trove : Perkins Nail Wrap RM 39.90 (20Strips)
I am pretty satisfied with the Perkins Nail Wrap indeed, simply because it comes in a full size of 20 Strips !

The Perkins Nail Wrap comes in handy when you have no time and skill for artsy-fartsy mani-pedi. The nail wrap is a transparent nail-wrap base that allows fuss-free sticking. Its definitely time-saving for "busy" peopla like me ! haha
Verdict : According to most of the reviews I read about the March`s Vanity Trove, the beauty box was quite a disappointment but I personally find this April Vanity Trove was very gratifying ! There are literally two set of full size beauty product in Vanity Trove, like the Perkins Nail Wrap and also the Kate Eyeshadow DB. Both of the item and all the sample size are certainly worth more than the price of the box (RM 50) !
P.S. For more information or subscription of the beautybox you may visit Vanity Trove .com

Disclaimer : The review is based on my personal experience.

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