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Shu Uemura OB Princess Party @ One Utama

"Beautiful make up starts with beautiful skin."

Name : Shu Uemura OB Princess Party
Time : 11:30am - 2pm, 21 March 2013
Location : Shu Uemura, One Utama

So here comes the OB collection from Shu Uemura with 4 princesses as their theme.
The Cherry Blossom Princess gives out pore-less skin as the fresh petals of the cherry blossom.
The Moon Princess gives you a luminous soft skin as a hazy moon in Spring night.
The Forest Princess vitalizes even-toned skin as fresh as the young leaves and bud in early Spring.
And as for Ocean Princess, she brighten up your skin as completely transparent as the ocean. 
It was all thanks to Tammy Lim ( for the invites to such exclusive and fun party.
* I am sorry for the part I didnt dress up much like a princess.* 

Before everything starts, Tammy gave a short speech for thanking everyone for coming to her Shu Uemura OB Princess Party ! Well we should thank you for bringing us there instead. haha

Shu Uemura OB Princess Party.
With the theme of princesses, everything there were arranged and place delicately, even the pastry!

Lovely Macaron goes very well with the theme of princesses ! <3
Okay waste no time now, we shall kick start to the first program on the list which is also a demo that everyone has been anticipating for, which is the make-up demo by Lisa Yap (best make up artist in town).

Lisa Yap Make Up Demo @ Shu Uemura OB Princess Party.
She started with the eyeshadow, eyeliner, blusher and etc, but I only manage to snap shot of the lashes part cause I could barely see standing behind ! * wtf *

I was like listening to radio, listening to her explanation without any visual image ! hahaha * all ears on her *

Lisa Yap Make Up Demo @ Shu Uemura OB Princess Party.
After seeing (or listening), to the demo, we were given a chance to tryout everything in the store to make our very own make up look !

Make Up Session @ Shu Uemura OB Princess Party.
Everyone rushed towards the counter and start putting on eyeshadow, lipstick, blusher and etc, cause the person with the best make up look (judged by make up artist in Shu Uemura) will walk away with Shu Uemura prizes ! WooHoooo !

Canvas Bag Design @ Shu Uemura OB Princess Party.
Well, I am definitely not a candidate for best dress when everyone literally dressed up like a princess with the wig and all ! Nor best make up look candidate, my make up skill sucks big time !

Fret not cause they have this canvas bag design competition too ! Now I can also stand a chance to walk away with Shu Uemura prizes too (not sure how it will be selected tho), I have my fingers crossed ! hahaha
Check out my design here

Okay speaking about best dressed princesses, lemme walk you through the picture I`ve got on that day.

Cindy, the Moon Princess  @ Shu Uemura OB Princess Party.  
Sakura, the Cherry Blossom Princess @ Shu Uemura OB Princess Party. 

The OB collection princesses. (Ocean, Cherry Blossom, Forest and Moon)
Me and the gorgeous princesses @ Shu Uemura OB Princess Party. 
Wanna know who won the best dressed OB princess ?
Its the Ocean Princess (the one in blue wig).
Congratz ! She does look pretty much like the OB princess in the bottle. =)

Picture from (
For the OB collection , there are cleansing oil, compact case, eyelashes, lipstick, eyeshadow and etc. You can check it out at their Shu Uemura store at One Utama for more information. * wink wink *

P.S. I got the prestigious eye lashes curler from Shu Uemura with 24 carat gold on it as the door gift ! Isnt it awesomeeeee !!! All thanks to Tammy, muaxxxx. 

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