Friday, March 8, 2013

[review] Maybelline RED Porcelain by ColorSensational

"Lipstick is the best tool to make your lips fuller and sexier !"

As I know most people dont really dare to put on red lipstick, same goes to me. I have never been a big fan of Bold RED Lipstick color cause it looks very bold and eye catching. 

Well, never try never know, once I try, now I am falling for it ! *hahahaha*

This Maybelline RED PORCELAIN lipstick, I got it from the Colgate event (here) earlier.

When I see this lipstick in the box, I was like... 
"WHY... WHY does it have to be bright reddddd?!"

After unboxing and trying it on, I think the otherwise. hahaha

The lipstick gives a hint of shimmering effect on the red color, making your lips looking glossy at the same time too. Other than that, the lipstick contains milky lotion and honey nectar to nourish your lips.

Let see how the RED Porcelain lipstick looks on me ! ;P

Verdict : The Maybelline RED PORCELAIN is definitely a vibrant and bold red color that enhances your lips, drawing all the attention to your sexy kissable lips. By the first look of it, it does scare me for a second due to the color, but as you apply, you would be falling in love with it. The first attempt of smearing it on my lips was a bit hard due to the not-so creamy texture of it, and I got some smudges all over my lips too ! You could wipe it off gently with cotton bud or tissue to achieve the prefect lips. With this amazingly moisturized, creamy, glossy lipstick, I can now look fabulous without much effort. Tho it doesnt last for the whole day, after eating drinking kissing, it would still be leaving your lips with pretty red tinted looking lips. So anyway you will still have a red lips to party for the whole day, isnt that what a girl wants !!

The Maybelline RED Porcelain does make you look gorgeous and sexy even with messy hairdo !
One thing you might not realize is that, it sort of makes your teeth brighter and white too !

* muaxxxx *

P.S. I will be doing a short video on Kiss Me lipstick soon, stay tune for it ya ! :)

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