Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I ♥ the new PINK !

" Whats the new PINK in town ?! "

Pink is definitely a color to show off your femininity, makes you look sweet and girly.
* Im gonna flood this post with everything PINK so be ready !! haha *

I aint a big fan of striking PINK stuff but this PINK phone is an definite yeay yeay !

Tho I kept on telling myself pink is not my color, but some how or someway, I manage to fill my bag with everything pink like...

PINK lipstick always manage to pop your lips !

PINK blusher always make me look kawaiii !

PINK macaron always make my day, even a kid`s day !

Happy kid with PINK macaron ! ;)
PINK pen always turn my notebook looks much more exciting !

Hmmmm.. what else ? 
Ohhhh !

PINK phone is what I need right now to make my handbag 

After the pink Hello Kitty phone, here comes the new 
Samsung Galaxy Note II in PINK !

* Lemme tell you, pink is never out of trend especially for a girl ! hahah *

I can see Note II in PINK fits so well into my life.
Answering phone now is pinky sweet and with style ! hahaha 
I am sure all eyes will be on you, cause the PINK is just so adorable and yummieh. 

Even #selca now looks better with the phone in PINK ! haha 

You dont even have to put on any casing, cause its already pretty sweet by itself ! 

The sweetness doesnt stop here cause even the stylus is in PINK color ! 

Isnt this what all girls want in a phone ?
Having everything in PINK PINK PINK PINK !
 Its a definite YES for me ! Any sponsor ? hahaha * wink wink *

For more information, visit Facebook/SamsungMobileMalaysia or Twitter/SamsungMalaysia to get your very own PINK Samsung Galaxy Note II. 

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Things is getting better I hope.