Monday, February 18, 2013

My New Necklace !

"Oh na na, what`s my name ?"

Sarah - Handmade with ♥.
At last, I got myself the necklace with my name printed on it from

It has been a trend to wear necklace with words on, and sooner or later people started to put their name instead of random words on it.

Well how could I not be in trend ! So I got this little thing online.

I m gonna camwhore a little with the new necklace. * bare with me xD *
For a person that like showing off their shoulder, this is definite the necklace your jewelery box must have.

Cause you can easily pair it with any spaghetti strap dress or tube dress, basically any blouse will rock it off !
Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker).
 Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) version of spaghetti strap dress with the necklace.

 And here is my version ! * lolx *

Rachel Berry (Lea Michele).
Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) with the necklace. 

Jessica Biel.
Jessica Biel pull it off with the necklace resting on her loose blouse.

And here is me, pairing the necklace with my tube top. 

What I think is that the necklace can actually tone in with any dresses, or blouse and in some occasion it could highlight your collar bone too !

Are you jealous now ?? hahaha Well I have a surprise for my fellow readers !

Good News to all my readers !
You can even get 50% off the purchase at upon checking out, by just keying in the code below. *term and condition applied
Code : smallnhot50 

P.S. Head down to to place your order now ! Let everyone knows your name ! hahaha

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