Friday, February 1, 2013

11 - Henry Cook, SSTwo Mall

" Take your pick. We have.  What you came for. "

Henry Cook @ SSTwo Mall.
Henry Cook @ SSTwo Mall.
Henry Cook
+603-7954 1125
Lot LG-54, Lower Ground Floor,
SSTwo Mall,
Jalan SS2/72,
47400 Petaling Jaya
11 am - 9:30pm (Monday - Sunday)
“Henry Cook” is the latest dining “to be” place that Chef Henry Teo has created.
Putting together his vast experience in western food and Peranakan food ( he’s a 2nd generation Nyonya), he established Istanbul Gourmet in 1995 which served a wicked range of fusion food such as the ever popular Laksa and Chicken Donar Kebab.Warming the bellies of many a Singaporeans, it has become a main stay in the food scene in Singapore and soon to be in Malaysia."
SSTwo Mall was quite a quiet mall but to my surprise, they have this pleasant looking restaurant there and the food was lovely too !

Mushroom Soup.
We were greeted with the soup of the day which is Mushroom Soup with chunks of croutons on top of it.

Here comes the main dish, are you ready to have your mind blown away by the BEEF BOMBBBB ?

Beef Bomb RM 18 @ Henry Cook, SSTwo Mall.
Beef Bomb - Flavorful minced 10 Oz Beef Ball Stuffed with Hard Boiled Egg and Covered with Black Pepper Sauce. Served with Crisp Lettuce and Mixed Salad. 

Beef Bomb RM 18 @ Henry Cook, SSTwo Mall.
Beef Bomb RM 18 @ Henry Cook, SSTwo Mall.
The Beef Bomb was spectacular whether judging by the presentation or taste itself. Having lots of minced beef wrapped around the hard boiled egg and top it with black pepper sauce was flavoursome and succulent. The meat was very soft and fine, it literally melt right into your mouth. But as you eat it with the egg, it gives a different taste all over, bringing a little solidity to the dish and making it not so meaty as you eat. To be honest, I would definitely return for more of this !

As for the potatoes on the side, it was cooked to perfection. Well how can one goes wrong with potatoes ! haha

Next dish lined up is the Stuffed Chicken Roll !

Stuffed Chicken Roll RM 15.90 @ Henry Cook, SSTwo Mall.
Stuffed Chicken Roll - Tender Stuffed Whole Chicken Thigh Marinated with the Secret Recipe and Oven Cooked to Perfection. Topped with Henry Cook Signature Dressing and Brown Sauce. Served with Crisp Lettuce and Mixed Salad. Its Ready to Go !
Stuffed Chicken Roll RM 15.90 @ Henry Cook, SSTwo Mall.
The Chicken Roll was all stuffed with carrot and some other green vegetable, which I am not sure what it is, and served like sushi roll. It was indeed a very unique and attractive food presentation. The chicken itself was a bit bland but as you pair it with the dressing sauce, it added a hint of spicy yet sweet taste to the whole chicken roll.

Henry Cook @ SSTwo Mall.
Henry Cook @ SSTwo Mall.
Due to the fact that there is not many people in the mall, this place gives a very calm and quite atmosphere. By the look of the interior design, it gave me a mood like I was in an office, dont ask me why, I am not sure why too, probably is because of the post-it note on the wall. xD

I like the simple lamp design on top of each table, all they do was putting a pearl necklace looking stuff dangling on the lamp and it made it so refined.
(0 - Poor, 10 - Perfect)
Ambiance : 7 / 10
Service : 6 / 10
Presentation : 7 / 10
Taste : 6 / 10

(Cheap / Average / Affordable / Pricey / Not worth the penny)
Price : Average (In the range of RM 20 - 30)
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