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UNSW Foundation Year at KDU University College

" Education is the golden key to unlock your bright future ahead ! "

Graduates from UNSW Foundation programme.

When I got my SPM result, I was very lost and not sure
What to do next ? 
Which university should I go for ?
What programme should I enroll to ?

Well,  UNSW Foundation Year programme at KDU UC has all the answer to your confusion and also what it takes to get the golden key !
KDU University College, a member of the KDU Education Group, is a pioneer and leading provider in the field of private tertiary education since 1983. The KDU Eduaction Group is a dully intergrated education services provider, from primary and secondary, both local and international, through till undergraduate and post-graduate levels and executive and professional development programmes.
What to do next after high school ?

Apply for UNSW Foundation Year programme at KDU UC. 

UNSW Foundation programme at KDU UC.
 Why UNSW Foundation programme ?

#1. UNSW Foundation Year progaramme is streamlined to three disciplines :
Life Science
Physical Science
& Commerce. 

The rationale to such specialization is to ensure that educated in these respective area right from the start of the programme. With such thorough education, school leavers will have a clearer image of their direction in future, as graduating from high school and starting a university life are a total different thing.

However, such specialization doesnt limit their university choices after graduation of the UNSW Foundation Year programme. Upon graduation, they still can choose any degree courses in other universities, even the ones in Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA. 

#2. A Holistic Foundation programme that cover everything
During the programme, student will be given coursework and examination which allows students to develop their non-academic skills that will be relevant later in university`s education. Examination techniques constantly sharpened and honed to ensure that students excel in it.

On top of that, there will be field trips and camp organized by students under close guidance of lecturers which life skills are highly emphasized. Students will definitely gained experience in organizing events.

#3. Attentive and experience lecturers
The lecturers are all well-trained by their counterparts from Kensington Campus, Sydney

Students will be given close supervision and constant communication between lecturers from both campus to ensure that students gain the same quality and exposure in Malaysia and also Australia. 

With the activities and classes allow genuine bonding amongst peers and lecturers. To my surprise many students still keep in touch with their lecturer after completion of their UNSW Foundation programme at KDU UC.

For more information about the programmes and activities at KDU University College PJ, 
call 03-7728 8123 / 03-7953 6688, 
or email best@kdu.edu.my
or log on to their website at www.kdu.edu.my.

" KDU University College - Driving Dreams ! "

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