Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sharing Session by MayJune and Lawrence Wong @ KDU Info Day

 " Is entertainment industry for you ? "

Sharing session with MayJune & Lawrence Wong.

Name : Sharing Session by MayJune and Lawrence Wong
Time : 10:30am - 12:30pm, 5 Jan 2013
Location : KDU Damansara Jaya Campus

MayJune and Lawrence are an actor, model and also a pretty well-known TV host too.

The sharing session with MayJune and Lawrence does give me an insight of how an entertainer manage their life and what does they do in work.


If you were wondering whether "Age is a obstacle for entertainment industry ?" 
Then you are wrong cause there will be definitely a role in a movie or show that can be played by an older or perhaps more mature person like you, as mentioned by Lawrence. And as you age, you will accumulate more and more experience in acting, with that important asset in hand, there will definitely be people looking for you to join their cast. So age definitely is not an issue !

When they were talking about their internship experience, MayJune shared a little of her working experience as an actress instead. She mentioned that actor not only has to memorize dialogue and look nice in screen, yet they sometimes they have to collaborate with the video dept to edit the shot and all. So actually actor has be good in every stuff, other than just looking pretty on screen. HAHA

Lawrence added to it by saying that actor cant behave like a princess cause they might have to get dirty on set. For example, he has to shot a romantic scene when the place was all filled with mosquitoes, yet he has to be professional and bring out the romantic mood in the show.

Group Photos.
I found one photo of MayJune and Lawrence in MayJune instagram ! haha

Grab from MayJune`s Instagram. XD
 Being in the entertainment industry is not as easy as it is in the screen with all the pretty faces, there are more sweat and toil behind the scene that we the audience dont know about. So I do respect them for their dedication and passion in work ! :)

After the sharing session, we headed to the hall to check out KDU Info Day !

All the parents trying to enroll their children to KDU that DRIVES DREAM ! How about you ? Are you ready to drive your dream ?

Later, I headed to the kitchen to check out the Magic Molecules Cooking Demonstration !

Too bad we dont get a hands-on for the cooking, only a verbal explanation by the chef. Speaking about food, now my stomach is growling... ~grrr grrr  xD

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