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Schwarzkopf Ambassadors Search 2012 and Partnership with AEON Big @ AEON Big, Mid Valley

" Schwarzkopf - Professional HairCare for you. "

Schwarzkopf Ambassadors Search 2012.

Schwarzkopf has variety of  professional hair care product just to ensure you have a flawless hair like all their ambassadors today ! 

Hosted by Julie Woon.

Name : Schwarzkopf Ambassadors Search 2012 and Partnership with AEON Big
Time : 2pm - 4pm, 15 Jan 2013
Location : AEON Big, Mid Valley

The search has ran for 6 weeks along with their road shows featuring the brand`s retail hair care, hair colorant and styling product. Ten lucky and gorgeous college students out of 243, were selected as the Schwarzkopf Ambassadors for the entire year to 2013.The 10 winners are a total package of good styles, charismatic personalities and creatively penned slogans that outshone the others and here they are with the flawless hair swaying confidently as they walk down the runway.

On this beautiful event, we have the pretty Julie Woon as our host for the day. 

Julie Woon.
It was our pleasure to have Mr Markus Daburger to share with us on the search of these 10 gorgeous Schwarzkopf Ambassadors.

Mr Markus Daburger, General Manager of Hankel Beauty Care.
" These 10 new Schwarzkopf Ambassadors were handpicked for their cool confidence, charm and vibrant personalities, that we believe best personifies Schwarzkopf as a brand. We trust that they would be able to carry the brand well. " said Mr Markus Daburger, General Manager of Henkel Beauty Care.
Other than introducing the new Ambassadors for Schwarzkopf, we are here to witness the
Partnership of Schwarzkopf with AEON Big !

A handshake to signify the partnership.
Schwarzkopf retail products, which includes hair care products under the Extra Care series, hair Colouration products under the Freshlight and Palette brands and styling products under the Got2b series, are now available at all 26 former Carrefour outlet which have been rebranded as AEON Big after the recent acquisition of Carrefour by Aeon Co (M) Bhd.

Watcha waiting for ? Head down to AEON Big now !

Now its the moment you have been waiting for,
the unveil of the 10 New Schwarzkopf Ambassadors !


Arent they just gorgeous with the flawless hair ? 
Schwarzkopf HairCare is the secret to their flawless and silky hair !

10 Schwarzkopf Ambassadors 2013.
 As the Ambassadors for Schwarzkopf, the pretty ladies and men will be lavished with a year supply of Schwarzkopf HairCare products ! Isnt that aweeesommmeee ?

Bloggers I met at the event.
  Schwarzkopf retail products now provide the mass market with a chance to enjoy professional quality hair care and styling products at affordable price. To find out more about the Schwarzkopf brand in Malaysia, its products and also the progress and activities of the 10 new ambassadors, tune in to the Schwarzkopf Malaysia Facebook page at or

P.S. Now that I get two Schwarzkopf HairCare product, I shall do a review on it later on. Stay Tune :)

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