Thursday, January 10, 2013

[review] Dye Your Hair with Beautylabo

 " SHAKE n SCOOP ! "


As my hair grows, the root color of my hair got more and more obvious so I tried the hair dye product by Beautylabo and my.....

My hair color turned brighter even the root is now brown in color !

 One tube of the hair dyeing kit is about MYR 23 which you can get it from Watson or Guardian and it comes with everything you need to dye your hair.

There is the mixture for the coloring, hand glove, and a packet of lotion for your hair after dyeing it.

The whole process took about 30 - 45 minutes depending on your hair length and texture. As for me, I followed exactly 30 minutes in the instruction. Btw do wash it thoroughly to ensure that there is no more coloring mixture left in your hair else it would stain your towel.

Taddaaa, here is the end product !

Loving the bracelet ! >v<
Verdict : As you can see from the picture, the color on the root was dyed to brown but it wasnt as significant as the side. I personally find it fine, well you cant really expect much from product like this. If you want a significant bright color, then you would have to pay the salon or studio price. However, one thing I would like to highlight is that the ammonia was a little bit strong, comparing to the Liese (another hair dyeing product). My scalp has modest pain when I rub the coloring mixture on it. So my advice is not to wash your hair or scratch your scalp before you use this else it would give a modest burning sensation when you apply. Overall it was a pretty easy to use hair dyeing product, at least I dont need an extra pair of hand to help me ! xD
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