Monday, January 14, 2013

HK [Part 3] - Princesses & Fireworks Day 2

" Happily Ever After with Cinderella ♥ "

She started with the daughter that was not loved, then a magical night that turned her life upside down and now she is living happily ever after with her prince charming in the castle. 
It has always been a dream come true to be like Cinderalla, lost her crystal heels and a prince charming looking for her with the heels. See, there is a shooting star, set apart from all the rest, dart across the twilight sky, granting someone`s dream, making it come true, so you could be the next Cinderella.

Well this is what Disneyland is all about, a place filled with all the favourite fairy tales and a never ending fireworks that look like shooting stars in the sky.

This blog post is all gonna be Disney characters and fireworks, so just bear with me ya ! :)
I even made two gif images to show the breath-taking fireworks !
Sleeping Beauty. 
 She is definitely not sleeping but still a beauty !

Lets jump into the hole and eat cakes and cookies to be big and small in size with 
Alice in Wonderland.


Now that Mickey`s Fantasy Garden is open at 11am. 
We quickly head down to queue for a shot with Mickey mouse and friends !

Mickey Mouse.

* be careful of Minnie, she would go kidnap Mickey away anytime during the photo shoot ! hahaha *

Toys wonderland that every toys come alive when you are fast asleepppp... Boo ! hahaha

Then it is all about the shooting star at night in Disneyland !
Remember to make a wish. xD

I`ve put together two gif images for the fireworks. Hope you would like it ! :)

Disneyland fantasy world comes to an end after the mesmerizing and breath taking fireworks. Now its time to get back to reality and sink your head into the piles of work awaits you in your office ! hahaah


* evidence of Minnie kidnapping Mickey for dating ! hahaha *

Have a nice ahead ! :)

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