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HK [Part 2] - M-I-C-K-E-Y MOUSE Disneyland Day 1

" M I C K E Y MOUSE ! "

A mouse that wears only a red pants, a pair of white gloves and yellow shoes has always been our best friend in our childhood, now that he has come alive in the Disneyland !  how could I miss out the opportunity diving into the fantasy world with all my childhood cartoon characters ! * woohooo *

After the Ocean Park, we headed down to Disneyland the following day.
Read my Ocean Park experience here.

Even the train ride to Disneyland station was wonderful !
* just bear with me cause I am flooding the post with tonnes of photos HAHAHA *

Cute Mickey handle to hold on to.

They have this cute little figure of the Disney character on the train to give rider an preview of the whole Disneyland experience !

Disneyland station.
Welcome to the wonderful Disneyland station that you can have your dream comes true !

Upon entering the Disneyland there was a whale fountain right in front of the entrance, even with the Mickey Mouse surfing on top of it. 

Rides will only be available after 11am, if I am not mistaken so at the mean time, there will be Mickey and Minnie here to take picture with you. Well the queue was way too long so I headed to take photo with Pluto instead ! haha

Damn awkward shot. #wtH
The next stop is Fantasyland !

Here is where all the princesses dream comes true in marrying their prince charming and live happily ever after in the castle. haha

Pillar Magic is a 4D Mickey Mouse show, that was very mind-blowing.

Every characters in the show felt like was just right in front of you ! And the best part is, even our nose was  fed with all the aromatic smell of the dishes along with the show.

I like the part where Goofy, was walking in the theater before the show, doing all the door and set check ! hahaha. So cute !


Pathway to Pillar Magic.
Dont spill the water !
Pooh and me.
While everyone was busy lining up to snap shot with Mickey, Minnie and all, which was a super duper long queue. I took pica with Pooh cause it was the shortest queue! #wtH

 Let the everything goes small in the "Its a Small World" !

The castle aint so small after all huh.. hahaha but everything inside are only a thumb size big, literally small and tiny !

Small Tiny people.

Are you ready to see all the toys come alive ?
Cause we are heading to the Toy Storyland !

I see slinky the dog ! haah
There were only 3 rides there, but all of it was mind-boggling !
The best was the 180 degree sport car ride, where you go like pirate ship but felt much more fun fun fun !!

Vroom vroom...

Are you ANDY`s Toy ?

Grizzly Gulch  
*if i m not mistaken*

Its a town which you would go HOWWWDYYY !! Everything there looks like you are living as a cowboy with your horse and boots ! hahaha

Mines Roller Coaster Ride.

To my surprise, this Mines Roller Coaster Ride was considered as the best of all the rides. When you were thinking that it would go forward, it will go the other way aka backwards, LITERALLY BACKWARDS !! * isnt this amazing ? *

Mines Roller Coaster Ride.

I am the WANTED KID !
By the time we done everything above, we are all worn out and lazy to line up anymore, so Tarzan`s tree house was kept for the next visit ! But here is a pica for you to see.

As for Tomorrowland, I only took picture and only gonna take all the rides on the next visit !
Here is Buzz Lightyear - To infinity and beyond ....

 Before leaving Disneyland, we are able to make it for the parade at the Main St.
fyi, the parade has two session which is at 12:30pm and also 3:30pm .
Dumbo the elephant.
Mickey and his crew on board.

Thats all for the parade and mark the end of my Day 1 at Disneyland. 

Just in case you were too drawn into the Disneyland parade and forgotten about me, here is a pica for you ! Dont I look cute ? hahaha. 

Minnie hairband !

P.S. Next post will be on the Firework at Fantasyland later at night for Day 1. Stay tune..

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