Tuesday, January 8, 2013

11 - The Cup @ Publika Solaris Dutamas

" Anyone up for Korean food Take Out ? " 

The Cup @ Publika.
The Cup
(tel) +603- 6205 1007
Lot 53, Level 1 UG, Publika
No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur 
10 am - 10pm
 I have been itchy to try Korean food from The Cup since the day I spotted it at Publika and once I see voucher in Living Social, I did not even hesitate to buy, all I did was click BUY BUY BUY !

The main reason is simply due to the cute box packaging of the food. 

The set I bought from Living Social comes with two noodle or rice + drinks + kimchi appetizer. If I am not mistaken the voucher was only RM 20 and it comes with complete course !

The Cup : Kimchi Noodle.

The Cup : Kimchi Noodle.
Slurp slurp ~ ~ ~
I like the spicy Kimchi noodle kicks in with its refreshing taste once it enter your mouth and of course after a long crave of Korean food, everything with Kimchi is definitely thumbs up ! haaha
Kimchi in the noodle was neither too strong that will cover the taste of the noodle nor too bland. The vegetable used was very fresh cause I see they only started to make it after I have placed the order, nothing as the ready made order. 
So you could definitely give it a try if you were to drop by Publika ! :)

The Cup : Jja Jang Rice.
The Cup : Jja Jang Rice.

The Jja Jang Rice at The Cup was very delicate from the presentation wise. But as for the taste, it felt like the soy sauce chicken from Chinese cuisine that I sort of like it. I am not so sure how does Jja Jang rice or noodle should be tasting like, maybe this is how it is suppose to be like.

The salty and thick Jja Jang sauce complement the plain white rice very well, making it flavorsome. Every mouthful of the rice goes down smoothly with the Jja Jang sauce and there were a lot of vegetables and bite size chicken in the rice too. Well, I personally like salty stuff like salted popcorn so this Jja Jang noodle is quite my kind of thing.

The place looks very clean and tidy tho it was small. Initially I thought there was like chairs or what to eat the food, but I was wrong. There aint even a chair to sit while waiting for your order, but fret not cause they were pretty fast in preparing the take out slow food. haha

The Cup even has delivery service, 
so now its just one call away from the scrumptious Korean cuisine ! 

At one time, the place gave a Namoo vibe simply because of their sketching design on the wall. Now speaking about Namoo, I miss their potato cake ! :(
(0 - Poor, 10 - Perfect)
Ambiance :  no dine in at all
Service : 7 / 10
Presentation : 7 / 10
Taste : 6 / 10

(Cheap / Average / Affordable / Pricey / Not worth the penny)
Price : Average
P.S. Sorry for the inconsistency of photo cause it was taken in a hurry.
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