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RW Genting Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012

Who is the champion babehhhh ?

~ music please ~

I am the Champion my friend, 
And I`ll keep on fighting till the end.. Deng deng deng
I am the champion !
I am the champion !
Dont end for loser cause I M TH CHAMPION !

Congratz to all the winners !
Okay lets skip the boasting part and talk about my experience on the 
RWGenting Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012 !

Name : Adrenaline Junkie Challenge 2012
Time : 7:30am - 2pm, 1 December 2012
Location : Genting Outdoor & Indoor Theme Park

Adrenaline Junkie Challenge is 1st AMAZING RACE alike game organized by RWGenting for blogger and participants from Malaysia and also Singapore. Basically its station games and your team are required to complete the task before proceeding to the next station. The tasks vary according to the station and some task need to be completed along with the thrilling rides at Genting Outdoor Theme park !

We were greeted by the emcee and assigned to a team of 2, and there are a total of 19 teams coming from Malaysia and Singapore !

My friend and I were - Team 1 ! 
* in the beginning was not a big fan of being the 1st on the list cause everything you will be the 1st to be "slaughter" on stage ! *


After getting our team number, we literally have to draw the number on our face with the water color provided !

my sort of crooked one drawn by Eddren !

Muahahaha, now my turn for retaliation.
After all the introduction and rules and regulation explanation,  
then LET the GAME STARTS !

Going from station to station, running in and out of the theme park was very tiring indeed.

But I am guessing most of us spent a lot of time at this specific station,

Cause we were required to do Sudoku like literally SUDOKU before we could take the ride.
Well well well, the ride aint gonna be easy here as you have given a mathematical question before the ride and you have to compute it during the ride.

Oh well, we managed to pass the SUDOKU but not the mathematical questions. So penalty of 20 seconds for us. * > ~ < It was hard k ! *

Then here comes the thrilling and breath-taking SPACESHOT !

And this was the very first time to know that the Elephant and Tiger Mascot name is Allie and Tabby  after going to Genting Theme Park like, ermm since I was 10 ?! #epic

Yet another memorable task !

Pirate Ship Sexy Lipstick Task.
Lemme describe a little about the task. One of us will be sitting on the 5th row while the other will be blindfolded on the 4th row and the blindfolded ones have to put lipstick on for the on sitting behind during the Pirate Ship ride ! 

I was indeed the one sitting behind, and all I have in mind was hoping that Eddren didnt screw up my face with lipstick all over it ! To my surprise, he did a great job indeed ! * bravo clapsss *

Our last station was the Sg Rejang Flume ride. * weeee *

Picture credited to JQLee, the marshal.

Picture credited to JQLee, the marshal.
After we have completed everything and get ourselves soaked in the wet clothes after the Sg Rejang ride, we headed to the GICC right away ! * yippppieee *

At last its the prize giving ceremony...
* drum rollll *

They started with the Best Happening Team, Singapore Team, Malaysia Team then only the Champion Team, just to create some suspend....

Best Singapore Team, Csquare.
Best Malaysia Team.
Our group photo with gangnam music playing at the back. ;P

JQLee and I.
Despite of winning, I met some Awesome Pawsome bloggers from Singapore !
* Will update you with her blog URL once I got it ya *

Me, Charlie and Cindy

Lets not forget that I have taken picture with some cosplay there !

Goku, me and idk. >~<

Jack Frost, me, Eddren, idk >~<.
* And Jack Frost literally have his shoes off ! *

Verdicts from other groups during the sharing session :

# Its new to eat 4 Scoops of Ice-Cream in Snow World within 45 minutes !
# Sudoku was really giving us a tough time. 
# I gave my virgin ride on Spaceshot for the event ! hahaha
# I didnt know that morning exercise at Genting would be so hot !
# It was a great experience and I get to know a lot of friends ! ;)

In short, I had a great morning at Adrenaline Junkies Challenge 2012 ! 
Looking forward for more events like this by RWGenting ! 

P.S. Thank you for the organizing committee for all the mind blowing games !

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Am I being impatient
or I have just been taken advantage of ?