Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jack Reacher 2012 @ Tropicana City Mall

" Do you think he`s a Hero ? " 

Jack Reacher (2012).
Title : Jack Reacher
Language : English
Duration : 130 mins
Genre : Action / Crime
Director : Christopher McQuarrie
Cast : Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike and Richard Jenkins

Verdict : The movie was very funny indeed based on the trailer but the whole movie itself was quite lame instead. Dont get me wrong, there were a lot of humorous action and tagline in the movie, but the story wise was a little bit predictable.  The actions and stunts werent stunning enough for me, maybe it was a laid-back action movie. 

There were like a lot of silent moment in the movie with only the sound effect playing in the background, at one moment I thought was some emo-kid movie. Tom Cruise was keeping quiet to look macho and heroic most of the time, so all we did was stare into him, listening to the sound effect behind. He is either keeping quiet or saying something sarcastic or humours ! hahaha I personally feel the movie shouldnt be taking 2 hours to finish cause it was quite longgg, but I have to admit that it is considerably funny with all the joke, for an action movie.  

Get out from the car... hahah
(0 - Poor, 10 - Perfect)
Storyline : 5 / 10
Action : 7 / 10
Humor : 7 / 10
P.S. It was a ritual watching movie.. haha
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