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Grand Launch of Wendy`s Flagship Fast Food Restaurant @ Suria KLCC

" Quality is our Recipe. "

Name : Grand Launch of Wendy Flagship Fastfood Restaurant
Time : 10am, 14 December 2012
Location : Lot LC - C02, Level Concourse, Suria KLCC
The founder of Wendy, everyone`s favourite fast food chain in US, was a gentlemen called Dave Thomas, who from the age of eight had a dream to own his own restaurant and serve the very best burgers in town. Dave had a set of values that guided how he ran his business and these values hold true today - Quality, Do the Right Thing and Treat People with Respect. As as for "Quality is our Recipe" is a phrase to sum up his passion for quality and what drives us to the restaurant too.

It was my pleasure to be invited to witness such important moment of the 
Grand Launch of Wendy Flagship Fast Food Restaurant at Suria KLCC.

* imma huge fan of fast food after watching fast food mania ! haha *

Mr. Eric Leong, Wendy, Mr. John Pain. (left to right)
The Wendy`s Flagship Restaurant officiated with the ribbon cutting ceremony by Mr. Eric Leong (Director of Wen Berjaya Sdn. Bhd.), Mr. John Pain (Vice President & Marketing Director ASIA PACIFIC and EMEA of Wendy`s Company) and accompanied by Wendy, the red pigtail girl.

Do you know ?
Wendy is actually the named by Dave`s 12 years old daughter - Wendy ! He dressed her up in the pigtails and the signature blue striped dress and there the Wendy`s logo is born !
Then it followed up with a patty grilling demonstration at the kitchen done by Mr. John Pain. Wowww !

He looks very professional in grilling ! Cant wait to sink my teeth into the juicy patty ! hahah

While preparing the patty, Mr. John Pain was explaining the idea of dining at Wendy's.
Do you know they only make the burger AFTER we have placed our order, so all are freshly made burgers right from the grill  and you can even tell them how you like your burger to be made!  
NOT a single burger is grilled BEFOREHAND !

Fresh and even Customizable, what else more you can ask from a burger !

Wendy`s use the Double-Sided Clamshell grill for consistent cooking quality, so that both side are cooked to perfection, as QUALITY is their RECIPE !

Cindy and Cik Lily.
Now is time for us, blogger to redeem our free burger ! Nom Nom Nom !!
Dont you feel proud to be the first in line ! hahahaha

Wendy`s at Suria KLCC is the latest and largest restaurant in Malaysia. It is also their flagship restaurant featuring the ultra-modern concept designed to enhance the dining experience of customers. On top of that digital menuboards display behind the counter for easy ordering and saves paper too !

Later on Wendy`s will be adding more chicken burger into the menu, other than the all time favourite Spicy Chicken Sensation Burger and also the Ultimate Chicken Grill Burger, which is made from grilled, skinless and boneless chicken breast.  
* now it makes me drool early in the morning.. oh god ! *

All time favourite - Wendy`s Spicy Chicken Sensation Burger !
I had the Wendy`s Signature Dave`s Hot 'N Juicy Cheeseburger combo which comes with fries and drinks. 

The patty was so soft and juicy, one bite and all the flavour bursting into your mouth, filling every corner with all the tender beef patty juice ! Yummiehhhhh ! And you can literally feel its still hot from the inside, knowing that their policy is MADE-TO-ORDER ! 

I like the fries too, simply because they fried it with the potato skin, just the way I like my fries to be ! hahaha

Lets not forget to take picture with the red pigtail Wendy !

Eunice and me.
So you see, Wendy`s is not just fast food, but  

For more info, head down to Facebook/Wendys.Malaysia.

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