Wednesday, December 12, 2012

16 - Organic Vegetarian Dinner @ Chef Lim Organic Kitchen, Scott Garden

" You do not have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, 
just good food from fresh ingredients." ( Julia Child )

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen
(tel) +603 7982 3395 
Lot 2-47,48 & 49, The Scott Garden
4 1/2 Miles, Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur
11am - 3pm, 5pm - 11pm ( Monday - Friday )
11am - 11pm ( Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday )  
" At CHEF LIM ORGANIC KITCHEN, organic vegetarian eating and delicious cuisine go hand in hand. What sets this place apart from other establishments is the use of unqiue ingredients. "
Upon our arrival, we were welcomed with some refreshing and appetizing Fruit Tea by Chef Lim.

Fruit Tea.
The Fruit Tea was a combination of green apple, red apple, passion fruit, orange juice and a hint of mango juice. Having all the fruits blending together definitely made the drink very fruity sweet and of course healthy too ! Perhaps a little mint leaves would create a hint of indifferent refreshing taste to it.

Vegetarian Dumpling
Vegetarian Dumpling.
A thin and crispy layer wrapping all the sweet and fresh turnip, carrots and cucumber, that served along with their special sweet and sour sauce placed inside the capsicum, was definitely a very appetizing to feast the eye and stomach.

Each bite of the vegetable dumpling does leave behind a loud crunch with the thin crust that was fried till perfection, making the juice from the vegetable ooze out of it.

Herbal Lion Mane Mushroom.
Herbal Lion Mane Mushroom.
The Herbal Lion Mane Mushroom was a dish with all variety of mushroom all cooked together with some chinese herbs. The Lion Mane Mushroom does give a little texture like chicken slices used for soup flavouring. Serving the herbal lion mane mushroom on a half opened Chinese old cucumber was really thoughtful and matches the herbal theme of the dish.

Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Fish Cake Mihun.
It felt like a very light sweet and sour tom yam mihun served with vegetarian fish cake and some other vegetables.

Ginger Tofu Soup.
Ginger Tofu Soup.
I would say this Ginger Tofu Soup served in a wintermelon was definitely my favourite, despite of the way it was served, the ginger soup was cooked to perfection, with a very light yet full of ginger flavour soup. It has a very light ginger flavour that doesnt turn off a ginger-hater, like me and a sprinkle of fried ginger stripe on top, making it looks like fried onion. HAHAH..

I was deceived by the look at the beginning until I tasted it myself, it does look like onion stripe k !

Stir Fry Vegetable.
Stir Fry vegetable was presented on a mini wok with lettuce lining as the base for the colorful and organic vegetables like red, green capsicum, cauliflower, carrots, lion mane mushroom (aka vegetarian chicken), and a sweet and sour sauce as the dressing of it. It was indeed a dish full of colors !

Butter Fried Oyster Mushroom.
Butter Fried Oyster Mushroom.
Crispy~ crispyyyy ~ and yummiehhh

The butter fried oyster mushroom has a very aromatic smell like the usual butter fried prawn we had in some seafood restaurant, but this time its oyster mushroom instead of big fat prawn. Tho it was just pure oyster mushroom, but it was as yummiehhh as the ones with prawn !

The mushroom wrapped around the butter batter melts into your mouth with a hint of spiciness to spice up all the flavour it in and leaving a aromatic butter aftertaste in your mouth. I can say it tasted pretty much like the butter prawn, perhaps it was slightly better ? hahaha

Yin & Yang Prawn.
Yin & Yang Vegetarian Prawn.
You know Yin & Yang ? Black & White ? Well, here is a dish to depict it...

The unique Yin & Yang vegetarian prawn is made out of Seaweed (Yin) wrapped around a handful of Enoki Mushroom (Yang), and some batter to be deep fried, making a prawn look alike shape. Each of the vegetarian prawn was delicately arranged on the Thai sweet and sour chili sauce and some vegetables to add color to the dish. 

Each Yin & Yang Prawn is to be paired with the Thai chili sauce to bring out the zest out of it, else it would be quite bland.

Curry Mutton.
Curry Mutton.
Vegetarian curry mutton does look like actual edible mutton ! Presentation wise, this was awesome and deceitful. HAHA

Chef Lim manages to bring out the aromatic curry smell and taste with all the spices even tho mushroom was used to replace the actual mutton in the dish. The flavour explodes right into your mouth once you put it in, filling every corner of it with the curry spices and the savory mutton.

Its best to be consumed with a bowl of plain rice, so you could get all the flavour out of it !

Stir Fry Mushroom and Broccoli.
The pretty looking Stir Fry Mushroom and Broccoli was dished up in a tree looking structure which is very eye-catching. Mushrooms were arranged as the pebbles and ground for the tree, as the broccoli and the stem were used as the tree trunk and leaves. The chef must have put a lot of thought in the food presentation of it, so that it catches attention of the diner`s eye then stomach. =P

The place was all decorated with white color as its theme, making it feels very clean and tidy with the bright yellow and white lighting on top on each table. A lot of mirror were placed on the wall, to create a spacious atmosphere for diner. And each table has a small pot of greenery to soothe the eyes before the meal. So thoughtful of them...

It cater for functions and any family dinner too. Feel free to make your reservation there. :)
(0 - Poor, 10 - Perfect)
Ambiance : 7 / 10
Service : 7 / 10
Presentation : 8 / 10
Taste : 6 / 10

P.S. Thanks  for the organic vegetarian meal.
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