Friday, November 23, 2012

Why we need Cellnique’s new Intensive Hydrating Cream ?

 The UV ray nowadays put our skin in danger like literally DANGER !!

Getting sunburn and all, but

worst of all is having DRY AND DEHYDRATED SKIN !

Basically making us look like a dry fruits !

You know dry fruits like Raisin with all the wrinkles and lines on its body...

Lemme tell you the story of Ms Raisin transformation to a Moisturized, Plump and Juicy Grape..

Put on tonnes of sunblock and moisturizer before and after going out, still no different.

One day when Ms. RAISIN met Ms. GRAPE !

And RAISIN asked GRAPE a question, 
" Whats the secret to your smooth and moisturized skin ?"

Because I have  

Seriously, like why we need the the cream.

This is because of all the benefit of it...which is....

A richly-textured cream that deeply hydrate, nourish and soften the skin.
Your skin will look like a Grape now with all the hydrated, nourish and soft skin, all the juice will burst out with just once squeeze of it. 

Provides instant relief for dry and dehydrated skin
Even if let say you have sunburn and all, Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Cream can gives you instant relief over it. You dont even have to wait for overnight to see the effect !

Enriched with skin identical moisture-trapping lipids - Ceramides and Phytospingosine, it reinforces skin protective lipid layer to help retain skin moisture and reduce TEWL
It will boost your moisture-trapping lipids, so your own body would literally trap the moisture itself ! Isnt this cool !:)

With renewed levels of moisture-trapping-lipids, skin feel cocooned and insulated from daily aggressors from climate and seasonal changes
With all the activated moisture-trapping lipids, your skin would be like a Grape with all the juice and water cocooned within the skin.

Also replenish and restore skin with essential moisture to maintain skin ideal level of hydration
Cocooning the moisture literally restoring your skin with the essential water for it !

Alleviates itchiness, flakiness, rightness and feathery lines caused by dehydration
No more scratching and itchy when your skin is dry, not even the feathery line is tolerable with Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Cream !

Just then Ms Raisin started to apply


So wait no more, get ya Intensive Hydrating Cream now !

To get rid of the dry, dehydrated, waterless, dull, thirsty skin !

And say HI to plump and juicy skin ! *hahah*

P.S. Visit here for more information on the cream. *finger crossed*

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