Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Silky Girl 02 Pink Lady Lipstick Review

Nothing better than a pink lipstick to make your lips all sexy and kissable !

I got this tiny little Silky Girl 02 Pink Lady Lipstick 
from the Guardian Sales lately which was only MYR 8.00.

 It has a very vibrant pinkish color which I like it much ! 

I personally dont like lipstick to be too bright red, tho it would make your lips look sexy like Marilyn Monroe. Pinkish color actually makes one looks younger. =)

Lets check out how it brings out the sexy lips of mine. 

My epic pale face without the lipstick. 

Taadddaaaa !!

Verdict : I personally find the color of the lipstick was very pink which is pretty suitable for young adult that prefer to have natural makeup color. The vibrant pink literally made my lips pop, giving a sense of young and sweet look for the day. And on top of that, the lipstick taste was very mild, unlike the ones that tasted one kind if I was to bite my lips after applying the lipstick. 
P.S. Lets party looking young and sweet !

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I guess it would literally surprise you !
Wait and see..