Thursday, November 1, 2012

12 - Quick Mamak @ Teh Tarik Place, Paradigm Mall

Lets go for some local mamak food on the first day of Nov, which is

Teh Tarik Place.

Teh Tarik Place.

Teh Tarik Place
Unit 2F-25, Paradigm Mall,
Jalan SS7/13B, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
10am - 10pm (daily)

The Result - A Perfect Cup Of Frothy Deliciousness. (Teh Tarik Place).
It was the decoration of the place that attracted me walking into the place, and of course my crave for mamak food in a shopping mall. * what a food crave, i blame PMS xD *

Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken.
Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken.
The Nasi Lemak was presented very well to feast the eye, but the taste itself was a little bit below the Nasi Lemak from Old Town. My friend said the portion was sort of little for the price and the chicken came in very small piece too. Anyway, I am still aint a big fan of Nasi Lemak due to some incident when I was young. 
There was once I ate Nasi Lemak at some restaurant, dont get me wrong the restaurant food was very clean and all, just that Nasi Lemak itself was too oily for my tummy to digest, until it upset my stomach for the whole day making me feel like puking after eating it. Therefore since that day onwards, I dare not eat any Nasi Lemak anymore. =(

Chicken Set with Vegetable.
I had the Chicken Set with Vegetable that comes with Syrup too ! For the price that comes with drinks, this dish was quite worthy.

Chicken Set with Vegetable.
Chicken Set allows you to choose from a range of chicken which includes deep fried, masak merah, rendang chicken and etc. So I had the rendang chicken. Overall the Chicken Set was very well-balanced with the amount of side dishes, just that the long been was quite spicy and hot indeed, as you can see there are tonnes of chili seeds there. The rendang chicken was pretty flavoursome with all the santan and spices all very well mixed together, very typical mamak taste, just that this is cleaner and presentable ! *LOLx*

All the tables and chairs are made up of wood, giving a very old and traditional dining ambiance. The small and adorable looking chairs really catch my attention, it felt like the ones at kindergarden.

On top of that the wall, are all decorated with doodles of the scene in mamak, like the dialogue we would say "Boss Lagi Satu" and so on, adding a mamak feeling to it. * HAHAHA *

The place was quite pack in the weekend and holiday, but still service was quite fast cause our order came right after we order. I am guessing that this is the cheapest place to dine in, at Paradigm Mall for all the staff working at there.
(0 - Poor, 10 - Perfect)
Ambiance : 7 / 10
Service : 7 / 10
Presentation : 7 / 10
Taste : 5 / 10

(Cheap / Average / Affordable / Pricey / Not worth the penny)
Price : Pricey
My #ootd of the day.
Dress was from KWC, Bag from MNG .

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the unfairness made me regret with my choice.