Thursday, November 15, 2012

*new Hair with Bangs !

It was a plain and yet rainy day as usual, and I made it extraordinary by heading to the saloon !

I know most of my friend would say, stop doing anything with your hair, dont cut, perm or dye anymore cause it is darn darn dry and look spoiled !

But I just cant resist the idea of getting a new haircut after I got stuck with the hair for like monthsss !! 
* I personally get bored of sticking with one single thing for long >~< *

with the little frizzy and totally dry and also damaged hair !

Here comes the fringe and also straight cut !

How does it look on me ? hahaha

Some said it looks very kiddish, like I am literally 15 years old ! hahah
When it goes with my height, its super 15 years old look alike. 


 Here are some of my silly face with the new hair cause I am so super duper excited !
* Looollll *

Sometimes you need something new to spice up your life !

I am liking my new hair soo much !

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Do you like it ?
Its freaky to even think about it