Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Deepavali | Festival of Light 2012

Its the festival of light (Diwali) and also a brand new year for the Hindus.

Happy Deepavali to all !

I aint any Hindus but I am definitely a big fan of Indian food !
And I am delighted to have relatives that celebrate Deepavali so I can treat my stomach with delicious and flavoursome Indian food !

Lemme share some photos of the dinner I had. ♥

Curry Mutton.
Rendang Chicken.
Briyani Rice.
How could we miss out the Diwali Sweets and Snacks on this special celebration !

Diwali Milk Sweets.
I personally is a huge fan of this Milky Sweets, tho I know its very fattening, but I just cant stop laying my hand on it !

Milky Sweets are definitely sweet and milky too !

Diwali Sweets : Urundai.
Urundai is also one of the Diwali Sweets on the Festival of Light. 

It was a combination of GEE and chunks of cashew nuts and some raisins (optional), all wrapped around colorful paper to feast the eye.

How could we miss out the MUST snack for Diwali, which is also my all time favourite, the Muruku !

I simply like the crunchy and crispy texture of it mixing along with handful of spices in it.

P.S. Happy Deepavali !
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It aint so easy after all