Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Every soft toy contributes MYR 4 to UNICEF !

Cute little carrot is staring at you with the mesmerizing eyes ! LOL.
Isnt all these soft toys adorable ?

Its so soft and fluffy to cuddle when you are about to go to bed. ~yawnnnn

All these are from IKEA ! And ...

Do you know that each purchase of the soft toys from IKEA
MYR 4 will be contributed to UNICEF the children`s education ?

like seriously each penny of yours mean a lot to the unfortunate children..

If you are not a big fan of soft toy, why not be a Santa Claus and donate it to the children from UNICEF !

I am sure it would definitely add joy to their Christmas ! ~HOHOHO

A box in front of the cashier is ready for your generous donation. ;)
Fill the box with soft toysssss and make the underprivileged children`s Christmas a merry one !

Save the carrots, they are trapped ! :)

Me and my cuddly carrot.
Goodnight xoxo.
I have got my very own Carrot soft toy, have you ?

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Rainbow comes after a rain
I am sure something good is ahead