Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baskin Robbins Flavor Election !

  Did you go for the #BaskinRobbinsFlavorElection ?

If you did, then you definitely went back home with a stomach full with ice-cream !

Cause they were giving FREE FLOW of ice-cream on that day !

#BaskinRobbinsFlavorElection !

Name : Baskin Robbins Flavor Election
Time : 7pm, 23rd Nov 2012
Location : The Square, Publika 
Baskin Robbins Flavor Election is an event with 5 bloggers and their favourite ice-cream, 5 different campaign and one winner of the year ! They have different campaign like Free Upsize, Free Topping, 50% off and so on. Any of the campaign wins, the offer will literally be on for a year at Baskin Robbins, like you could be getting Free Upsize or Free Topping for the whole year !! 

After collecting my free Tshirt, I headed down to the counter to get my very first scoop of ice-cream.

My first cup was the Praline and Cream !

Suresh, JQ, and me.
Whacking Daniel with my BR balloon !
There are a small room for you to cast your vote, it looks very much like the national election with all the boxes inside ! hahaha

With this no one can see who you voted for the Flavor Election.

I voted for the Pralines n' Cream !! *shhhhh *

My second sinful scoop of Praline n' Cream ! 
I know I had that earlier, but it was just sooooo yummy that I cant stop having it again !!!

Do you know who won the Election ???

*drum roll *

Winner of the Baskin Robbins Election is ...

Vivy Yusof ( with Praline n' Cream!

Picture credits to

With her winning for the election, now we will be getting Free Upsize of Double Jr Scoop on weekdays from 10am - 3pm until next year (23 Nov 2013) starting from this coming Monday aka Tomorrow ! Yippie Praline n' Cream won !!

So you can head down to the BR and get your free upsize tomorrow !

Before leaving, I still manage to get myself the very last scoop of Praline n' Cream !

I'm a happy kid now nomming my winning ice-cream ! hahaha

I had tonnes of fun there, noming every cup of ice-cream I can stuff into my stomach !
Now I know my limit is only 3 scoops of ice-cream >~<

P.S. I am glad to be invited by Nuffnang to this delicious yet sinful ice-cream event !
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