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17 - Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie, Tropicana City Mall

Lets go meatless with Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie !

Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie @ Tropicana City Mall.
Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie @ Tropicana City Mall
(tel) +603-7722 1680
G-37 Ground Floor, 
Tropicana City Mall, 
No. 3, Jalan SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
10am - 10pm (daily)

Opening Soon (early of December) : 
Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie @ Publika
A2-G2-2 & A2-G2-3, Solaris Dutamas
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480, Kuala Lumpur
The new and refreshing meatless dining concept, is inspired by all fresh and natural products. With a selection of pure organic ingredients, daily fresh produce like tofu, soy beans and bean curs, the menu selection are created free from any use of preservatives, MSG or artificial coloring, so that you can enjoy deliciously healthier choices from tasty exotic dishes and flavours. There are more than 30 varieties of fascinating dishes from a selection of organics produce, freshly made tofu, bean curd rolls, variety of mushrooms, seaweeds, vegetables and beans. You will be enthralled with these vegetarian versions and the capability of its fully vegetarian ingredients used in deriving the best of taste and associations to some familiar and popular dishes.
We were greeted with two very refreshing fruit teas,
which are Lemongrass Fruit Tea and Passion Fruit Tea.

Lemongrass (left) and Passion (right) Fruit Tea.
I like the Fruit Tea very much cause it was a little bit sour and very refreshing sweet orangy taste for both of it, deliciously revitalizing before you kick start your meal. It can either be served hot or cold, depending on ones preference and its beneficial to detox and assist digestion too !

So anyone with poo poo problem, highly recommended to take this ! hahaha

Rainbow Organic Veggie Roll, RM 7.90.
The Rainbow Organic Veggie Roll is layered with shaved carrots, cabbage, red cabbage, lettuce, and topped with pumpkin floss ! It`s served chilled with roasted sesame sauce and honey mustard.

Seriously, Pumpkin Floss ? It doesnt taste like that tho, it felt pretty much like chicken floss ! hahaah

For a person that focus on presentation like me, it does look very colorful with all the vege all wrapped inside. When you bite on it, all the sweetness in the vegetable burst into your mouth, filling every corner of your mouth with fresh and healthy vegetables. I personally find it fine to eat without the sauces, but if you prefer to have it with sauces, there are roasted sesame sauce and honey mustard sauces to add some flavour to it.

Mushroom on Toasted Bruschetta, RM 9.90.
Mushroom Toasted Bruschetta, is slices of oyster mushroom cooked with homemade cheese sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese served on lightly toasted bread was everyone`s favourite cause it literally vanished once it was served. 

The bread was toasted to perfection making the crust crusty yet not over cooked with the burnt crust.

Top Hat "Pie Tee", RM 9.90.
The popular Malaysian nyonya snack, the Pie Tee. It was diced of green apple, seedless tomato and shredded sengkuang served in a crispy "top hat" shell.

Mashed Potato Spread Sandwich, RM 14.90
Mashed Potato Spread Sandwich, RM 9.90.
Woww, this was my favourite of all ! Carbs from inside to outside ! * big fan of potatoesss ;) *

Its literally a Sandwich with chunks of potatoes as its patty and some lettuces, tomatoes, cheese, cucumber lying in between the two soft bun. 

This comes in a huge portion, the diameter of it was like a 0.5 kg birthday cake. All of us got only a quarter of it, but it was fulfilling enough. So imagine you having it all by yourself, I am sure you will be going back home with a bloated tummy ! haha Because there are plenty of mashed potatoes inside with all the fresh vegetables and top it up with bun on each end, like carbs on carbs on crabs !

Sesame Spaghetti with Beancurd Roll Cutlet, RM 16.90.
Sesame Spaghetti with Beancurd Roll Cutlet, RM 16.90.
Sesame Spaghetti in a light and creamy roasted sesame sauce with a hint of sesame seeds, topped with beancurd roll cutlet, mushrooms, asparagus and green bean.

Do you know that, apparently the Beancurd Roll Cutlet is a representation of fish ? Its so TRUE !

Napoli Bianco Pizza, RM 16.90 (S) RM 25.90 (L).
Napoli Bianco Pizza, RM 16.90 (S) RM 25.90 (L).
Napoli Bianco Pizza by the name itself is attention-grabbing. Its a vegetarian pizza of crispy golden mushroom with homemade triple cheese sauce and three different color capsicums.

I really like the presentation wise of the pizza, on the wooden tray, which brings a very Italian mood. As for the taste, the mass of golden mushroom on it does looks and also savor like chicken cutlet ! There aint any mushroom taste at all, with the filament tears off like a chicken, it definitely could deceive the eye of diner !

Assam Curd Cutlet with Assorted Beans and Eggplant, RM 16.90.
A vegetarian assam pedas 'nyonya' style dish cooked with special homemade assam paste and torch ginger bud, pineapple, lime leaf, long beans, eggplant, ladies finger and tomatoes.

This dish was a little bit spicy but overall it was very flavoursome.

Deep Fried Shredded Mushroom with Basil Leaf and Pumpkin Floss, RM 18.90.
Deep Fried Shredded Mushroom with the pumpkin floss and a hint of sesame tasted exactly like Twistie in someway. Hahaha. The deep fried mushroom was coated with a very crispy batter but yet still maintain the softness of mushroom inside.

I personally would call this the Twisties taste alike dish ! lolx

Stir Fry Lion`s Mane Mushroom in Spicy Portuguese Sauce, RM 18.90.
Lion`s Mane Mushroom was the substitution for chicken in vegetarian. It was marinated with special vegetarian seasoning and cook in spicy Portuguese sauce, which also feel like Twisties ! #wtH

The spicy Portuguese sauce does create a hint of Twisties taste that lingers in my mouth, like I was literally having Twisties. However I was really fascinated by the flavour and the aroma of this dish, when the flavour of the marinated mushroom ooze out and the spicy Portuguese sauce fuses along, creating a succulent experience.

Red Yeast Fried Rice, RM 13.90.
The rice is fried with a fragrant red yeast paste and shredded cabbage, french bean, baby corn and lion's mane mushroom. Red yeast rice has the beneficial to help lower cholesterol levels. 

I, myself like the aromatic and healthy rice.

Ginger Enzyme Mee Sua Soup, RM 13.90.

Ginger Enzyme Mee Sua Soup, RM 13.90.
Soft "Mee Sua" noodle in a special white radish base soup served with ingredients like carrot, baby corn, broccoli, cauliflower, bean curd skin, oyster mushroom and tomato. On top of that, the vegetable stock is made from white radish, chinese cabbage and carrot. This soup is good to cure indigestion !

The Ginger Enzyme Soup was very light and blend in just nice along with the Mee Sua. Even I am not a big fan of ginger soup, I had fun drinking it cause it was so light that you couldnt even taste it at all.

Macadamia Cheese, RM 7.
OMG ! Macadamia Cheese does draw everyone`s attention with the cream cheese and delicious macadamia nuts lying on the sweet caramel and set on a hi-fibre cereal biscuit base
It was even made without eggs !

I didnt know cake could taste so mouth-watering even without eggs ! Macadamia Cheese proves me wrong with its cheesy and soft body, lay under the chunks of macadamia nuts that melt right into your mouth.

Ube Yam, RM 7.
This was another slice of cake that deemed as diner`s favourite cake. 

Ube Yam is luscious yam cubes with 3 layers of Yam fillings sandwiched with 4 layers of yam sponge covered with grated coconut and its also a cake without eggs !

The layer of yam sponge and yam cubes do make people droool by just looking at it...

The place has most of its furniture and embellishment done with wood, to portray an organic impression to the customers. It was very clean and cozy place to dine with friends and family. Part of the restaurant was even carpeted with artificial grass, making it feel like you were at some garden and all. It does set a totally different mood comparing to the usual Secret Recipe you dine at.
(0 - Poor, 10 - Perfect)
Ambiance : 8 / 10
Service : 7 / 10
Presentation : 7 / 10
Taste : 7 / 10
Whether you are a vegetarian or not, you will be intrigued with this fascinating meatless dining experience that Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie has to offer !

P.S. These vegetarian dishes will only be available in Beyond Veggie outlet. 
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