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13 - Dinner @ Bulgogi Brothers, eCurve

It was my pleasure to be +1 for Eunice`s food review, and the best part is that we are having 

Bulgogi Brothers
(tel) +603-77223633
Lot G-05 & G-06,
Ground Floor, e@Curve,
No. 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara, 
47800 Petaling Jaya.
Bulgogi Brothers is a restaurant originated from Korea and they are known for its signature traditional Korean dish, Bulgogi or "Fire Meat". And I can assure you that it is DABOMB !

So lets dig in !

Appetizer, we were served with side dishes and a bowl of sweet pumpkin soup.

Pumpkin Soup.
The pumpkin soup was interesting and flavoursome, and it was decorated with sprinkle of almond flakes to feast the eye. It was pretty thick for a soup as it was blend with glutinous rice to create a gluey and thick texture. 

The welcoming dish.
Some side dishes.
It was lotus root with some sweet and salty sauce, which I like it very much. As the one in yellowish orange color is mashed pumpkin and potatoes with chunks of cucumber lying in it. A person who is not a big fan of pumpkin like me was a little drawback with the combination of pumpkin and potatoes, but as I put it into my mouth, it was so smooth and yummy. 

Now I dont find pumpkin annoying anymore ! hahaha

Side dishes : Kimchi.
How could a Korean meal be complete without Kimchi. The Kimchi was served as a side dish, so you can literally refill it ! 

I like their Kimchi cause it was very chill and combination of sweet and sour was near to perfection, making it very appetizing to eat before meal. And on top of that, it aint that spicy after all, so it was just nice for me !

Spicy Chicken Maekjeok. RM 20.90.
The spicy chicken skew was literally burning hot for me ! haha
But I just cant stop eating cause the chicken was done to perfection with the sweet and spicy sauce all over it.  

Haemul Pajeon. RM 27.90.
Then we are fed with the Korean Pancake. I am guessing its a seafood pancake cause there are tonnes of seafood lying in it. Every bite of yours will come with a small cut of squids, prawns or mussels. And the pancake goes with a special soy sauce so that it wouldnt be too bland.

Unyangsik Bulgogi. RM45.90.
Here comes the signature dish, the Bulgogi aka "Fire Meat" !

I am sure by the look itself, it has attracted the attention of all cause it was literally cut into love shape !

See how cute it is, lying on the barbecue pan.

If you were to order the Unyangsik Bulgogi, fret not of getting it overcook or what, cause there will be a service crew there to cook for you. And I can assure you that it is worth each penny you spent for the dish !

The meat was very juicy and soft, it was like an ice-cream melting under the sun once you put it into your mouth. After eating that, I feel intense happiness and satisfying, cause it was seriously no shit succulent barbecue meat ! On top of that there are no oil used for the barbecue, so all the juices are coming right from the beef itself. 

Janchi Guksu. RM 17.90.
Janchi Guksu apparently is the "party noodle" in Korea that served with seafood broth and garnished with lots of vegetable. 

Chamchi Kimchi Jjigae. RM 23.90.
This was pretty much my favourite Kimchi soup cause the mishmash of spicy and sour flavour were just nice, making it mild spicy for me to eat. Vegetables and tuna submerging in the Kimchi soup also added the sweetness to the soup itself. And the amount of vegetables and tuna were more than enough for one person portion, so you could share it.

Bulgogi Bibimbap. RM 29.90.

Last but not least, the Bibimbap. See how delicate all the vegetables lying next to the perfectly round egg yolk, feasting the eye before it could even enter your stomach. Hahah

Everything in the Bibimbap was fine, but I find the Bibimbap vegetable was not crunchy enough, cause I personally prefer the idea of chewing chunks of vegetable along with the rice, having a sense of texture in my rice.

Sour plum juice.
Before leaving the place, we were served with a cup of sour plum juice as dessert. The idea of doing so was to ensure each of their customer is leaving the restaurant with a sense of sweetness in their mouth. * so thoughtful of them *

The place has very dim and yellow lighting, making it very warm to dine at. Each table has their very own induction cooker so fret not that you would burn your hand with fire and all. HAHAH 

Just FYI, all the furniture and pictures and basically everything in the restaurant are imported from Korea, and it looks exactly the same at Korea too. See how particular they are with everything in the restaurant.
(0 - Poor, 10 - Perfect)
Ambiance : 7 / 10
Service : 8 / 10
Presentation : 8 / 10
Taste : 8 / 10

(Cheap / Average / Affordable / Pricey / Not worth the penny)
Price : Pricey but worth the penny.
P.S. Missing the Fire Meat now ! wtH
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