Friday, November 9, 2012

11 - Dinner @ Bubba Gump, e-Curve

If you are thinking that Bubba Gump only serves Shrimpssss, then you are sooo WRONG !

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
(tel) +603- 7710 9862
The Curve
Lot 145, 1st Floor, 
No 6, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya Selangor D.E.
11am - 10pm (Daily)

Mango Sparkler.
There are a few drinks that are bottomless, so without second thought I ordered the Quenchers which is also bottomless instead of some lame and boring soft drinks.

The Mango Sparkler was a mixture of Mango, Lemonade, Orange Juice and Lemon-Lime, so it carries a teeny-weeny sourish taste.

Onion Rings
For appetizer we ordered the enormous Onion Ring Tower !

It was a tower of Onion rings served with Ranch and BBQ Dippin' Sauces.

Onion Rings.
It literally came in a tower with the different sizes of onion rings stacking up on to of each other. I was so tempted by the smell and the illustration, that I chomped down quite a few without even thinking of the amount of fats it has. Honestly speaking, the onion ring was deep fried to perfection, not soggy at all and with the thick crispy crust wrapping around it, it was just sinfully good.

Classic Caesar Salad.
Then it comes the salad that I could say is the best I have ever had.

Classic Caesar Salad comes with fresh grated Parmesan and Croutons.

The combination of the dressing, lettuces, Parmesan and croutons were remarkably awesome. Dont get me wrong, the dressing was very very light but when you eat with the no joke fresh lettuces and Parmesan, it was like DABOMB ! The Salad was remarkably fresh and refreshing and also light, at least it doesn't give a strong aftertaste of garlic or onions from the dressing.

Fish with Lobster Butter Sauce.
Here comes the main dish, aka Fish with Lobster Butter Sauce.

It was a Pan Seared Fish Fillet laid over mashed Potatoes, Seasonal Veggies and served with Lobster Butter Sauce.

Fish with Lobster Butter Sauce.
 I like the Lobster Butter Sauce very very much, it tastes a little bit sweet, milky and salty all in one, which complements the plain fish fillet very well. Mashed potatoes aint just plain potatoes, it has pieces of onion in it, giving the mashed potatoes some refreshing taste to it.

The place was very well decorated, will the wooden furniture and all. It felt very authentic American restaurant. But one down side is that the seats are way way too small and narrow, if I was to gain a little bit weight, I guess I would have to be seated outside. =(

It was very creative of them using all the all toys to embellish the place. We even played Happy Family and Donkey the card games there after our meal. I could say it would definitely bring back a lot of childhood memories if you were to perch and play Happy Family card games there.
(0 - Poor, 10 - Perfect)
Ambiance : 8 / 10
Service : 7 / 10
Presentation : 7 / 10
Taste : 8 / 10

(Cheap / Average / Affordable / Pricey / Not worth the penny)
Price : Pricey but worth going

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