Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Veet Your Hair Off & Your Confident ON !

Veet it off and walking tall with your smooth and soft skin like all the celeb !

I personally have issue with wearing shorts or dresses because of my 

This problem has been bugging me all these while, I would even feel embarrassed >~< when I am going for sports cause everyone would be able to see my HAIRRY Legs !

Sometimes I am even jealous of the girls with silky smooth and soft leg, wearing dresses and shorts as they wish, without worrying about the hair on their legs

I see LIGHT when I was introduced to Veet ! * dramatizing it hahah *

You might wonder, How Veet solve my problem and could even bring the confident in me. 

Veet comes in cream and waxing type too !

Step 1 : Spot ya hairy leggs.

Step 2 : Apply the Veet cream on your legs.

Step 3 : Veet it OFF after about 5 - 10 minutes.

Step 4 : Put on your super duper hot pants and show off your soft and smooth skin !

I like the idea that Veet doesnt only remove the hair, and it literally
make it softer, like a baby skin, soft and plumpy like a grape !

On top of that, it was designed to work close to the root and to moisture for result
last up to TWICE as long as shaving. 

With the Aloe Vera in the shaving cream, it enhances the fibroblast function, which is  
responsible for COLLAGEN formation and SOOTHING skin.

It was also catered for sensitive skin,
so it doenst create allergy on your skin.


Check out the video below to see how easy-peasy hair removal has became with VEET, 
which can also Brings Out The Confidence In YOU !

Now that I have all VEET IT OFF, I can put on any dress and go party NOW !

Guess I should revamp a blouse of mine to show off some of my hair-free skin !

I always wanted to be a fashion designer when I was young, 
so are you ready for my first blouse design ?? 

Initially it was like this, the plain banana yellow looking blouse which I bought from Bugis St. 

It was kinda oversize in someway cause I dint get to try it on when I buy it. =(

So I cut here and there… 

I sew here and there… 

make a bow and all…

Poof !!!

Here is my new blouse that is not only trendy yet cute !

I literally made it shorter so it is more fashionable and show off the waist line. * specially for ppl like me with no waist >.< *

And I also made tiny bow on the sleeves, isn’t it adorable ? hahaha * inspired by Japanese style *

The revamping doesn’t stop here !!!

Lets check out the back…

On top of that, I make a see through back just to flash the back that I have totally veet all the hair off !

Too bad I dont have a bare back dress or what, else it would definitely sexyyyy !!!


Don’t you like the new ONE AND ONLY fashionable yellow BOWs blouse now ? hahaha

I shall name it as YELLOW BARE BACK BOW TOP !

P.S. PM me for pre-order. xD *wtH*
I wish everyone is getting healthier
cause it traumatizing to see one by one vanish from your life