Thursday, October 18, 2012

Terengganu Rip Curl Pro Surf Contest 2012

Are you up for the FIRST SURFING CONTEST ?

The renowned Australia surf brand, Rip Curl (Malaysia) is proud to announce the brand partnership with the State Government of Terengganu on the up-coming first ever 6-star pro surf contest which will be held on
 November 30th till December 2nd at 
the coastal of Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu.

Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu.
What an awesome beach to have the very first surf contest in Malaysia !
The Terengganu Rip Curl Pro surf contest 2012 is a surf event sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC). During this 3-days 6-star pro event, surfers hails from different regions of South East Asia are expected to compete in five different divisions –  
Men’s Open, 
Women’s Open, 
Master Division and Bodyboard Open, 
and Longboard Open
I am sure it would be a happening event of the year !

One thing that kept me pondering was how the surfers will be evaluated, like what`s the marking scheme perhaps ? The longer they are able to stay on the surf board ? Oh yeah was the surf board design being evaluated too ? I really wonderr......

There are total estimated over RM 40,000 worth of prizes 
up for grabs for the participant’s surfers.

In conjunction with the launch, there was fashion show to show the latest surf trend.

Rip Curl Fashion Show by Model from Amber Chia Academy.
Then it followed by the Official Signing Ceremony of Rip Curl Malaysian Rider.

Official Launch of the Terengganu Rip Curl Pro Surf 2012.
Malaysian Surfers !
Interview session with the Marketing Manager and also Malaysian Riders.
Interview session with the Marketing Manager.
Isnt Mr James cute ? hahahaha * >v< *
Interview with Malaysian Surfer.

" Brenda being the top lady surfer in Malaysia, while, Bryan being the Official Rip Curl Riders, their achievements along with their contribution to the local surfing scene making them an asset to the brand. " (stated by Vivian Chew, Asst. General Manager of Rip Curl Malaysia)
Rip Curl.
Other than having adrenalin rush competition, there will be several fun-filled yet educational activities awaits you to educate public from all walks of life about surfing activities.

Surfboard Art Exhibition
Surfboard Making Demo
Surf Clinic and more !!!! 

Anything about surfing will definitely be at Terengganu waiting for you !

I never thought Malaysia would have their very own Surf Contest and the best part is that I stand a chance to witness it with my own eyes ! I wonder how would it feel with all the water rushing towards your face as a surfer, maybe I should try it out at there ! hahahaa

Check out more of the Surf Contest 2012 at the nearest Rip Curl Outlet at your place !

The Terengganu Rip Curl Pro 2012 is organized by EC Extreme Resources supported by S.U.K Terengganu, Tourism Malaysia, Ministry of Tourism Terengganu and Rip Curl Bali Surf School.           

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