Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shizens Lip Painter Review

Lip Painter by Shizens I could say is my favourite lipstick at the moment. 

Lip Painter comes with two sides which is the Lip Tint and Lip Gloss. 

Two Sided Lip Painter : Lip Tint & Lip Gloss.
Lip Painter aint any lipstick that you can find from the market. The ironic part of it, is that the lip painter is a white color liquid but once it is on your lips, it will make it rosy red as tho you have put on lipstick. 

Lemme show you... 

Before Lip Painter.
Before Lip Painter.
Step 1 : Apply the Lip Tint.

Step 1.
 Lip Tint is a natural active ingredient to lighten the dark pigmented lips into natural rosy tones within seconds and last whole day; use twice daily for both preventive and correction use.
Step 2 : Apply the Lip Gloss 

Step 2.
Infused with Vitamin C and collagen production properties, this specially formulated lip plumber gloss minimize the formation of fine lines and moisturize dry cracked lip, use daily for effective result.

After Lip Painter.

On top of that, it doesnt go off like the lipstick even you are eating or kissing and so on cause it is a colorless liquid that lighten the dark pigmented lips into rosy tones. 

So no worry, your SEXY and ROSY lips will be still there 24/7.

P.S. My first time doing beauty product review, hope it was good enough, feel free to comment if there is any thing I should improve on. ;)

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