Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shizens Hydro Series Product Launch @ South Court, Mid Valley

Anti-aging is the only anxiety that hits us when you are reaching the twenties or thirties, the thought of getting and looking old are somehow scary and frightening for women. We would spend hundreds or perhaps thousands trying to get the best and efficient Anti-Aging product in the market, to maintain the youth on our face.

And you are on the right track in getting there if you aware of the Shizen Hydro Series Product. Shizens launches it first skin care series focusing on  hydration in order to decelerate skin aging.

Shizens Hydro Series Product.

Name : Shizens Hydro Series Product Launch
Time : 7pm - 8pm
Location : South Court, Mid Valley

It was my pleasure to be invited to the Shizens Hydro Series Product Launch happened at Mid Valley earlier, in conjunction with their roadshow.
Shizens Hydro Series combine the functions of skin hydration and anti-aging. It consists of five products, Hydro Enhancing Lotion, Hydro Liposome Essential, Hydrant Day Emulsion and Hydrant Night Emulsion. Each products is formulated using different botanical extracts that bring diverse yet harmonized functions to your skin. 

Interview session with JoJo.
Shizens Hydro Series Products have the element to effectively replenish skin with ample of moisture. It is able to soften the skin`s horny layer while providing your skin with smoothness, suppleness and a translucent healthy glow.
There were product testing corner, and the Shizens beautician are all ready to pamper you with their products.

Even Amber Chia was enjoying the product testing.

It was my very first time seeing the moisturizer not in any liquid form but in tiny balls form in the bottle.

Initially I thought, we will crush one tiny Styrofoam looking ball to apply on the face, to my surprise, it came out in a liquid form, which I have no idea how did the ball transform into liquid coming out of the bottle but it was amazing !

Third bottle from the left has the ball form moisturizer.
Most of their Hydro Series Product has a thin shimmering effect after applying it, like as tho you have glitters on your hand. But actually it was the vitamin E extract, aint any glitter nor any harmful residue. 

Image credit to JQ.
I managed to meet up with few bloggers at there too, and to my surprise Elwyn was there too !! Now even men is going for Anti-Aging. hAhahaha

FurFer, Elwyn, and me.

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P.S. For more information kindly visit their Facebook page (Facebook/ShizensMalaysia).

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