Thursday, October 11, 2012

Looper (2012) @ Tropicana City Mall

I am betting this is considerably as the best movie among all the action awesome yet storyline suck big time movie on the big screen.

Looper (2012)

Title : Looper
Language : English
Duration : 118 mins
Genre : Action / Sci-Fic / Thriller
Director : Rian Johnson
Cast : Joseph Gordan-Levitt, Bruce Willlis and Emily Blunt

This is a story of the present and future. In 2072, Loopers are known to get rid of people sent from the future through the time machine in 30 years from now. There will be a looper awaits with their gun at a specific location and all they have to do is one shot and looper will get their paid after the job is done. 

As time passed, there are more and more loopers are "Closing the Loop", which means the looper themselves are killing their own self sent from the future. That also means that the looper will only be surviving for only 30 years starting from now. 

Joe was summoned to kill Joe`s future self, but during the transportation from time machine, the future Joe got lose and manage to run away from the gun shot by Joe, the looper. After the news was out knowing that future Joe is still alive, Joe accidentally died when he was being hunt down for escape of the future Joe. 

Then it got to the second loop where Joe was standing waiting for the arrival of the future Joe. And this time he managed to shoot him and live his life for 30 years, getting married with a lovely woman. Unfortunately, one day after 30 years, the rainmaker wanted to close the loop by transporting all the Old Loopers to the past to be killed. 

Future Joe met the Old Joe once again, and Future Joe ran away and tried to track the kid who will be the Rainmaker in 30 years time. As Future Joe hunting the kid from house to house and killing the kid in the house, Old Joe started to learn that everything would be a loop if Future Joe tries to kill the kid (Young Rainmaker).

Here is a hint for you,

" The Rainmaker wanted to close the loop because he saw his mother being killed by the looper, and he is trying to take revenge on it."

Action : The action was just in the average mode, not too overly dramatic nor fake.
Storyline : Everything was worth pondering about and there is really a story in the movie, unlike the others that focus on action and left out the whole point of having a storyline.
Humor : There aint much of humor in the movie. Well it suppose to be serious anyway.
Emotion : It got emotional knowing that the reason behind the Rainmaker for closing the loop.
Verdict : Honestly I like this movie very much, in term of that storyline. There aint many movie has such smooth storyline that makes you go woww after watching it. And its is something that you would be pondering even after the movie, even there aint much action in the movie like the others. Tho it got a little bit confusion in the middle part of the movie, where the second loop happens, but as you watch and understand it, you would eventually get the idea of it. It felt like the Inception, where it goes inception layer by layer. In short, I wouldnt mind watching it again even in the cinema.
Glad that it turned out right, Phewww xD