Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am glad.

* wink wink *

Things come and go all the time,
When was the last time you were feeling grateful ?
Usually whenever I feel that I am taking things as granted,
I would turn back and count on the things I should be grateful with,
And this is the time...

I am glad that I have spent some quality time with my grandma,
I am glad that I get to continue my art class,
I am glad that I have free time to read a book,
I am glad that I am getting good food,
I am glad that I get to pour my thought in my blog,
I am glad that I am getting a lot of freebiessss,
I am glad that I met a bunch of nice blogger friends,
I am glad that I am a student again,
And of course I am glad that no matter how far I go,
I still have my family and friends around.

P.S. Thats all for today, goodnite all. =)
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I am glad that I have you.


  1. Just yesterday a dear family friend passed on. I regretted that we did not manage to meet for that one final time before she left.

    I told myself yesterday do not procrastinate. Do what you want NOW so you can look back in your life and be contented with what you've done and achieved :)

    1. I am sorry to hear that... Yeah there shud not be any regret, JUST DO IT ! It might ended with disappointment and all but at least you have no regret ! :)

  2. i am glad that i found your blog.

    nice face expression by the way


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