Friday, October 5, 2012

House at the End of the Street (2012) @ e-Curve

Even being friendly and welcoming to your neighbor could lead you to an unforeseen terror....

And this is the story of the "girl" living at the end of the street..

House at the End of the Street (2012).
Title : House at the End of the Street
Language : English
Duration : 101 mins
Genre :  Thriller / Horror
Director : Mark Tonderai
Cast : Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieroit, and Elisabeth Shue

Elissa and her mom just moved to the new town and find themselves living next to the house where a girl murdered the parents and she was drown in a dam but yet her body is yet to be found.

Elissa and her mother.
Everyone in town was very welcoming and Elissa was invited to a party by her teen neighbor, which was trying to pull a stunt on her in the party. She left the party and tried to walk home. On the way home, she met Ryan and he offered to give her a ride home cause it was like 10miles walk away from her house.

Elissa and Jillian.
As Elissa gets more curious of what happened with Ryan and his family, and wanted to help him to get over it, she paid a visit at his house. Elissa`s mother was very against of her hanging out with him alone in the house cause she felt that he is dangerous due to the rumors of the house.

As usual, Elissa ignored her mom`s advice and still hang out with Ryan, she even invited him to her band performance at the school. The terror started when all the school kids was trashing Ryan`s car at the performance and Ryan tried to fight back against the kids and twisted one of the kid`s leg.

He ran away into the woods after that and Elissa went to his house wanting to comfort him on the incident happened. Here is where she discover the deep dark secret lying under the house...

Suspense : There was a lot of suspense in the movie that catch your breathe away, especially when you come to know that a girl alone in the house all by herself in the middle of no where, and something in the woods that is trying to kidnap her down.
Storyline :  Storyline was actually unpredictable until the sweater appear in the room, then the truth started to uncover bit by bit.  
Emotion : The emotional part is when everything started to clear up on the story behind the death of the parents in the house, knowing that it wasnt the fault of the child for murdering the parents.
Verdict : The whole movie can be explained with the phrase, "Curiosity Killed the Cat". Everything started off when the Elissa was curious and then explore the secret in the house. Anyway, the story was quite unpredictable until the part you see the sweater in the basement's room. There was a lot of suspense that almost taken my breathe off, especially the part where it expected for the person to appear right in front after the second or third lights on, but the director made it more thrilling by adding more scene to it, giving more suspense. Honestly, I could not see whats the story behind the house until the very end when Elissa explore the house and to find out about the room in the basement. So in was quite a thrilling movie to watch for the month. xD

Its better you dont expect 
rather than ended up with disappointment